How to connect rca indoor antenna to tv

how to connect rca indoor antenna to tv

How to Install an RCA Flat Digital Antenna

How To Setup Your RCA Antenna. step 1. Using coax cable connector from the antenna, screw the cable into the back of your TV's coax receiver. step 2. step 3. Apr 18,  · If this video was helpfull please like if this was NOT helpfull tell the truth i'd really like to see how helpfull my videos you would.

Getting the ideal reception using your indoor digital TV antenna can be a challenging task. It can be like playing "whack-a-mole": when you have the antenna in one position, you get certain channels; move it to another position and different channels come in and the original ones you had are now gone.

Yow best location for your antenna is outside as high up as possible, such as on your roof, but many people are not able to put an antenna on their roofs. More than any other factor including type of antenna, presence of amplifier, etc.

The best locations to put a flat antenna like the Mohu Leaf are often against windows or outwardly facing walls. Start with these locations and run a baseline channel scan on your TV. I like to use adhesive tape to temporarily position the antenna during my scans. Antehna help determine which direction the TV signals are coming from, go to the Station Finder and enter your zip code or address.

When the results appear, click on the stations' call letters in the left column to see what direction the signals are coming from:. So, if there is a particular channel you are having trouble with, move the antenna to the wall of your room that is facing that transmitter tower.

Technically, extending the antenna cable will slightly reduce the indior level that gets to your TV, but if the longer length allows you to reach a window tb is facing the transmitter tower, it could be worth it.

If you have a inxoor cable, you can even try moving your antenna outside temporarily, to see if an outdoor antenna would be beneficial.

Do not use an unnecessarily long cable though, as that will reduce rxa signal level! Qntenna found that the angle at which your antenna is mounted can make a big difference. Consider this map of How to connect rca indoor antenna to tv Angeles:. I had trouble receiving CBS when I placed my antenna against my north-facing wall my East-facing wall doesn't face outside.

Check out the Conmect Finder and click on each station's call letters to see where to point your antenna. You want the antenna's signals to have as much surface area to land on as possible when they reach your antenna assuming you are using a flat antenna like the Mohu Leaf. This might require inodor fancy mounting, but it could allow you to start receiving your favorite channel! How to find out pan card number with name know this sounds crazy, but many so many readers have confirmed this, so it's indpor trying.

One day at my previous third-floor apartment, I had my Mohu Leaf antenna taped to the wall and it fell down to the floor. To my amazement, it got better reception on the floor than vertically on the wall! A few readers said this worked for them too! So, try laying your flat antenna horizontally and see if it helps, even if it's on the floor! I have a friend and fv readers who get the idoor reception with the Leaf too taped to their ceiling! So, try the logical positions first near windows and outer wallsbut also trying laying it flat horizontally, especially if you live near mountains, tall trees, or tall buildings.

These obstacles can deflect the TV signal into entering your home in weird, non-obvious, directions. Place your antenna as high up as possible, preferably with a line of sight to the transmitters. Do you have a skylight? I moved my Mohu Leaf to my skylight and got even more channels! It's the closest thing to having an outdoor antenna using an indoor antenna! Since the cable run from my skylight to my TV would be very long, I attached it to a Tablo and watch live TV using a browser or the Tablo app.

The Mohu Leaf and perhaps the antenna you are rac comes with "RG59" what is a gray wolf habitat. It's printed right on the cable:. Many users have reported that they get better reception more channels when they swap this cable out for the beefier "RG6" cable:. Folks have told me that Indkor customer service indoot recommends using RG6 cable!

It makes sense since RG6 has a thicker conductor, better insulation, and better shielding than RG59 and is designed for higher frequencies.

If you care to, read more about RG59 and RG6 cables here. You'll see why RG59 is so bad and RG6 is awesome!! Here are some examples on Amazon:. Note that the cable how to check system configuration in cmd by the cable company is often RG6, but is not always labeled. Give it a try and see if it helps. When you purchase through the affiliate links on this site, I receive compensation from the retailer hiw manufacturer at no extra cost to you.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This site is not owned by any retailer or manufacturer. Antennna electric equipment could be interfering with your TV reception. Fluorescent lights and LED lightbulbs can cause problems too. One reader said that electric hair clippers caused his TV signal to go out! Hiw all connections to your TV except for power and the antenna. Then, re-test. If you see an improvement, turn on the other how to hyperlink a website in powerpoint one at a time to isolate the source of the interference.

Thank you thank you!!!! I suddenly could only get two out of about 15 stations I had been able to get with an old indoor antenna. Hhow because of your article, I realized natenna the old VCR I had turned on a few days ago was still on!!!

As soon as I turned it off, all my stations came back We figured it out The 'new appliance' was the new motorized recliner! Unplugged, the channels come in fine. How 'bout that?!? If you have a lot of electronic equipment near your TV, it might be helpful to use a longer cord for your antenna to move it away and even into a different room to isolate it from the interference from the equipment.

Wi-Fi routers can be especially troublesome. Sometimes plugging the offending piece of equipment into the same power strip can help. Sometimes plugging it into a different power outlet can help.

This is really tl subset of the previous item, eliminating electronic interference, but this has happened to so many people that it deserves its own line item.

While the Stick is on, try tuning into a troublesome channel and remove the Stick or put it in sleep mode. If the interference goes away, the stick is to blame. An amazingly effective solution confirmed by many folks online is to wrap the stick in tinfoil! Yes, it really works! No reports of problems using the remote or Wi-Fi after doing that, but if those things stop working you may need to leave a little gap in the foil.

If you're using an antenna setup with a powered amplifier also known as a boostertry removing it. An amplifier can make the situation worse if you have some strong stations. The amp can cause the strong station to swamp out the how long to chew fentanyl patch ones and your reception could conncet worse.

If your antenna came with an amplifier i. Many readers have told me that their antennas actually get more channels without the amp! So, if you have an amp, try removing it and connect your antenna directly to your TV. Conversely, if you live very far from stations over 20 milesthen an amplifier can indeed help. An amp works best if all atenna your stations on the Station Finder are yellow or red, or if all of your stations are flaky.

I recommend the Channel Master line of amplifiers:. An amp won't work well if you have a bunch of strong stations and want to get a few more weak ones.

In that case, antenn might do more harm than good. This won't work for the Mohu Leaf, and other flat antennas encased in plastic, but if you have a metal antenna, try attaching another piece of metal or wire to it. I was using the Cable Cutter Metro to watch antennaa Olympics with my friends when conhect started cutting out.

This was embarrassing because I'm supposed to be "the antenna guy". I quickly ran to my closet and grabbed a wire hanger and hooked it onto my metal antenna. The reception was solid again! When I started using an antenna, I noticed that after a few months, I would sometimes get new channels when I did a new channel scan.

TV stations periodically change locations, channels, or transmitter power. So, it's a good idea to re-scan every so often. You might get some channels you didn't have before! Antennz all of your TV signals come from one direction as is the case in the Los Angeles areaa reflector behind your antenna how to install youtube on pandigital novel help. I've tried using pie tins and metal baking sheets behind my Mohu Leaf to improve reception and it does help in some situations.

The tricky thing is figuring out how to mount it all in a stable fashion though. If you're using an antenna with a reflector grid like the Antennas Direct DB4 fo below, try using it antenha the reflector portion. What are moth balls for reflector basically blocks all signals from the backside, so if your signals are coming from two different directions, removing the reflector might get you more channels!

Try grounding a part of the cable in soil. I put a plant in antena the antenna and the TV. The moment the cable touches the soil, all interference stops. The moment I lift the cable off the soil, channels drop antenn or freezes. Works like magic.

1. Experiment with Different Locations in Your Home

Dec 01,  · Ensuring that your TV is NOT on, connect the coaxial cable to the antenna input on your TV. Scan for channels on your television. There should be a menu that you can access with your remote control or buttons on the side or front panel of. Jul 30,  · This video will show you how to connect a RCA ANTR antenna to your television. Using coax cable connector from the antenna, screw the cable into the back of your TV's coax receiver. step 2 Position the antenna on the wall, on a shelf flat, or upright with included stand for applicable models. Then conduct a channel scan with the antenna selected as the source.

We have a flat screen Samsung TV in our bedroom which has just been used to watch DVDs and Bluerays, but when he saw this indoor HDTV antenna in a bin at our local liquidator shop, he decided to give it a try.

If we could pick up a station or two for local news, great. It was a risk he was willing to take. As it turns out, this was a fantastic buy for us, and very easy to install. If you are unable or unwilling to have cable tv or satellite, try one of these indoor antennas. Choose the best location for optimal performance as per the "Tips and Tricks" section below.

Once you have your indoor HDTV antenna attached to your digital TV or digital converter box and have scanned for channels, you will want to optimize its performance to get as many channels as clearly as possible. To do this, you will need to choose the best location for the antenna, which will require you to re-scan after you move the antenna, so be patient. It will be worth it to get the better reception.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:. As I mentioned above, the indoor TV antenna was a good buy for us. It is small, unobtrusive, and easy to put up. In addition, we can get CW23 from Buffalo very clearly. However, only one channel is consistently clear. The others are certainly viewable, but we have been spoiled by the HD satellite channels and the clarity and picture quality of our blu rays.

Weather also seems to be a factor - when there is precipitation or high winds the picture quality is poor. I have aHisense LCD TV purchased a flat digital antenna followed directions for setup this antenna did not work for me at all called store now they tellme that I need a convertor box.

I wish someone at store would of told me I might run into this problem. Good article. I used this info, along with the tips at kickoutcable.

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