How to cut sleeves off a shirt cute

how to cut sleeves off a shirt cute

How To Cut Sleeves Off A Shirt

Cutting Sleeves Off A Shirt Tutorial Cutting the sleeves off of a t-shirt is a great way to mix up your gym outfits. The muscle tank look is super cute but badass at the same time. Not only is a great way to show off your hard work but it's also perfect for showing off . Cut off the sleeves of the tee not necessarily along the stitches part but depending on how you want the tank top to look like. You can improve its appearance by cutting one of the side edges then make some holes on the fabric all along the cut hem. Use the strips from the cut bottom edge and lace it through the made holes.

We all have those supper baggy T-shirts we only use as pajamas, right? Just me? Or there are ones you might have that are more fitted, but the length is totally off. From past experience, I let these pieces sit in my closet unworn except for the aforementioned PJ part because I was too lazy to take them to a tailor—and also too scared to take a pair of scissors and fix the problem with my own hands. But no longer!

I got some cool secondhand shirts thanks, Goodfair! And dare I say cute? Cut-up graphic tees are perfect for the last couple weeks of summerand you can even wear them into fall with the right layering. I tested out five different styles: a V-neck cut, what should i eat now one-shoulder cut, a cropped cut, a sleeveless cut, and an overall distressed cut for some variety, but you can also go rogue with the scissors to create any other styles that speak to you.

While it's worth noting that if your top is slightly long, you can always tie your T-shirt in different knotssometimes you just wanna go all in and start chopping fabric off, so you've come to the right place. First thing you'll need is a pair of sharp scissors —ones for fabric specifically are the best, but as long as they're sharp, they'll do the trick.

I used a pair of hair-cutting scissors from Lunata, fyi. A pen or washable chalk also comes in handy to make marks on your clothing, or honestly, you can mostly eyeball it like I did. Not the end of the world! Keep scrolling for 5 different ways to cut your T-shirt For this style, you'll leave the trim on the collar and start making your cuts underneath so it gives that choker effect.

This is a classic and such an easy fix for pretty much any T-shirt you need to shorten, either by a little or a LOT. You can make it as cropped as you want! A simple cut that gives any shirt more edge with an asymmetrical look. If you want it to be what are the four regions of the stomach, just repeat the steps on the other side for a cold-shoulder style. It's really that simple.

The same method as the cropped cut, but sans sleeves. Pretty self-explanatory, but you never know. You can also wear a cute bralette underneath if the sleeveless area dips down a little lower on each side. Okay, so there's kind of a lot going on with this one and maybe it's not my best work, whateverbut you get the gist—and you can probably do it better yourself.

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Just a simple, really quick and easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project on how to cut your sleeves off a top, jacket, etc. Mar 06,  · Keep a clean hem by stretching the sleeve from the body of the T-shirt, and using a hobby knife, cut the threads on the hem. The sleeve will be able to pull right off after cutting the threads a few times in different spots along the seam line. Cutting sleeves in half rather than all the way off will cause the cloth to curl over outwards.

The muscle tank look is super cute but badass at the same time. Not only is a great way to show off your hard work but it's also perfect for showing off your beautiful Constantly Varied Gear sports bras. At CVG we've been cutting the sleeves off of our shirts for years. We've been asked by everyone that sees them how we do it, because let's be honest, it's easy to mess up. Which is why we decided to make this tutorial so that others can do the same.

If you have any questions about the process just head over to our fitness FB group. We're happy to help with any tips! First and foremost we suggest watching the video tutorial above. Maybe even watch it twice because there's no going back if you mess up! All you will need to make your sleeveless shirt is a good pair of scissors and a sharpie or marker. If you have an old t-shirt laying around we suggest practicing on that first.

Just like anything else you will get better with practice. Depending on your style we have also added steps to cut the bottom off the shirt to turn it into a crop top. This may not be for everyone, but most people find it completes the badass look.

Pro tip: Be sure to pull at the cut seams to get the fabric to roll over. To make the cut off shirt look exactly as we did in this video we recommend using a men's tee from Constantly Varied Gear. All shirts in the video are a men's small t-shirt. These shirts are offered in black, blue, red and grey. They are super soft triblend material. You can check them out here:.

If you decide you don't want to cut the sleeves off your shirt but you still want the shirts featured in the video above we also offer the shirt sayings in a women's tank top. Check them out here My Cart. Shirts Featured In This Video. Hello You! Join our mailing list.

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