How to do the box stitch

how to do the box stitch

How to crochet a Box stitch - Free crochet pattens

Jan 09,  · In this video tutorial I will show you how to crochet the Box Stitch, this stitch is beginner friendly and addicting to make!Written Instructions: https://ww. this tutorial I'll show how to make one of the most basic stitches there is in lanyards/scoubidou/gimp/boondoggle, the box/square it will includ.

When it comes to pretty crochet stitches, I think the box stitch is one of the prettiest. I quickly fell in love with this stitch and decided I needed to have a box stitch crochet wall hanging in my home. Thus, this free crochet wall hanging pattern was born. This means, should you decide to purchase a product via one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I only recommend products Whatever happened to judy carne use and love Or products I know others love, have heavily researched, know have good ratings and plan to purchase myself. These small commissions help to support this blog and continue keeping most of my patterns free. You can read more on my Privacy Policyif you prefer. These crochet wall hangings are absolutely gorgeous in person.

These are great crochet wall decor ideas because you can create them as long and wide and in any color you want. You can also finish it off with a tassel for a classic look, or fringe for a more boho crochet look.

The choice is yours! I truly love working the box stitch so much that I have created three different crochet wall hangings in three different types of yarn to really get a feel for how each yarn works up, how it drapes, and what structure it gives to the crochet wall hanging.

If you prefer a premium, ad-free PDF version of this patternyou can grab one on either my Ravelry or my Etsy shop by clicking the buttons below. Honestly, I had this yarn in my stash and thought the change of colors would look absolutely gorgeous.

Spoiler: It did! This is a light 3 weight yarn and has a beautiful drape. The stitches were easy to work into and over all, it flows nicely. I used less than one skein. This lightweight crochet wall hanging shifts slightly in the breeze and over all has the best drape of all the yarn I used. I found this yarn to be the easiest to work with in terms of the box stitch. It flowed nicely through my fingers, sat well in the stitches and overall worked up absolutely gorgeous.

I also wanted to play with purposefully changing color and see how the cotton turned out. While I loved how this tapestry worked up, I found the cotton to be harder to work with. The stitches are defined and have a lovely look, but I had to push stitches around more to create the fans.

This crochet wall hanging also turned out to be a bit more firm. It definitely needed a little blocking and has a more solid form. Of course! It also gave me a reason to play with Red Heart Ombre in Green Applewhich is a medium 4 weight yarn. For this yarn, I used a 5 mm hook. I have to say, I love the fade of the ombre in this yarn. I was impressed that it actually faded to the next color whereas in other yarns the color just suddenly changes.

This yarn also had the best fan definition, which helps the tapestry look bolder. However, this yarn was the hardest for me to work with in this stitch. The bulkier yarn definitely had me fiddling with chain 2 spaces to get the fan into place 9 dc in chain 2 space and seemed a bit more stiff to work with. It just was the hardest out of all three. Would I use it for another box stitch crochet tapestry in the future? Take a few minutes to decide what kind of definition and drape you would prefer your wall hanging to have and make a choice from there.

A quick note: If you decide to use different yarn colors in this pattern, always change your yarn directly after a fan row and before a chain row. If you follow this pattern exactly and you use Lion Brand Mandala Baby, your tapestry will be approximately 12 inches wide by 22 inches long not counting the dowel to hang it on, the yarn to hang the dowel from or your fringe or tassel.

However, this tapestry is very customizable. You can make this tapestry as wide or as long as you prefer. For the purposes how to do the box stitch this free crochet wall hanging pattern, I have written it as I have designed it.

You can, though, make this crochet wall hanging more or less wide by adding or removing starting chains, and make it longer or shorter by repeating the rows more or less. In addition, you can also choose to leave your box stitch crochet wall hanging as is, hang it on a dowel, add fringe, a tassel, both or none.

Make this yours! You will need: Yarn of your choice Hook that corresponds with that yarn Scissors A wooden dowel if you prefer to hang it.

This entire crochet wall hanging is created using the box stitch. I have a photo tutorial on how to work the Crochet Box Stitch which I recommend reviewing before you get started. This means this pattern will refer to repeating instructions what does tear drop tattoos mean certain amount of times.

If you decide on a different size, your repeating instructions may require more or less repeats. R1 — Sc 2nd ch from hook. R2 — Ch 4, turn. Place dc in same stitch. Ch 6 and, in last stitch, place 1dc, ch 1, 1 dc. R3 — Ch 3, turn. Place 4 dc in ch 1 space. Skip 3, sc in top of tr around chains. R4 — Ch 1, turn. Ch 3, dc in tr from the first row around the sc. Ch 2, dc in same stitch. R5 — Ch 1, turn. How to do the box stitch around sl st. So far, we have set up our work and now we will more on to the pattern repeat.

This pattern repeat is very similar to the work we have already done, but the stitch names are different. If you followed the box stitch crochet tutorialyou know what I mean. The pattern repeat is four rows, as follows:. R6: Ch 4, turn and dc same stitch. Repeat 7x. Ch 6, 1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc last st. R7 — Ch 3, turn.

Skip 3, sc in 5th dc of fan capturing chains. R8 — Ch 1, turn. Ch 3, dc around sc from previous row work stitch into the dc. R9 — Ch 1, turn. Sc around the sl st in the same stitch as the sl st [9 dc in ch 2 space, sc in 5th dc of fan below capturing chain 6 ] Repeat 7 more times. For rows 10 through 61, repeat rows 6 through 9 13 repeats of the 4 rows. If you prefer your tapestry to be rectangle, you can stop following the free crochet box stitch wall hanging pattern here.

If you prefer for it to have a tapered end, continue:. R62 — Sl st in each of the first 5 dc of fan from row Ch 3, dc around sc from previous row, ch 2, dc around sc from previous row. Ch 3, sl st to 5th dc of last fan.

Go straight into working [9 dc in ch 2 spc, sc in 5th dc of previous fan capturing how to get after effects cs5 for free ]. Repeat inside brackets 6 more times. R64 — Sl st in each of the first 5 dc of fan from previous row. Repeat inside brackets 5 more times.

R66 — Sl st in each of the first 5 dc of fan from previous. Repeat inside brackets 4 more times. R68 — Sl st in each of the first 5 dc of fan from row Repeat inside brackets 3 more times. R70 — Sl st in each of the first 5 dc of fan from row Repeat inside brackets 2 more times. R72 — Sl st in each of the first 5 dc of fan from row Ch 6, dc around sc from previous row, ch 2, dc around sc from previous row.

Repeat inside brackets 1 more time. R74 — Sl st in each of the first 5 dc of fan from previous row. You can also create a fringe effect by looping strands of yarn through your stitches. Take a strand of yarn, fold it in half, use your hook to pull the loop through your stitch. Now use your hook to what grade is joey king in the two ends through the loop and tighten. Repeat as many times as you wish.


To knit box stitch in the round, you need a multiple of 4 stitches: Rounds 1 and 2: *K2, p2, repeat from * to end of round. Rounds 3 and 4: *P2, k2, repeat from * to end of round. Repeat these 4 rounds for the pattern. To make a box stitch swatch, cast on 18 stitches. Follow the directions for working box stitch flat. Crochet Box Stitch is the stitch of the week. This stitch is pretty in a single color yarn. It really comes into its own when worked in rows of graduating colors, or in alternating colors. This tutorial uses both US and British terms so you can’t get confused, and comes with step by step written instructions. Along with photos and even a downloadable photo and diagram for you to keep in your. Sep 06,  · The stitch I'm showing in this video is for making a box lanyard, or you can also make a barrel lanyard with tutorial shows how to start the box/bar.

There is always room to add new things and techniques in the art of crocheting! A new style of stitches and addition of unique crochet patterns from the genius crocheters are just expanding the art of crocheting day by day! Today we are going to introduce to you very amazing Crochet Box Stitch with step by step instructions or free pattern , which is becoming highly popular in crocheting baby blankets , afghans, and shawls!

If you really want to learn this very new crochet stitch to expand your crochet skills then you can check out here the easy box stitch picture tutorial, diagram guide and also the step-by-step instructions! Here you can expect to be taught everything about the box stitch and you will yourself a master of box crochet stitch at the end of the tutorial!

Learning a new crochet stitch will really mean a lot for a crocheter as it would just be a way to explore more through the medium of crocheting! Free Crochet Pattern Here: mypicot. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar menu icon. Related Posts. Crochet Baby Pants - 9 Free Patterns.

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