How to help your neighbors

how to help your neighbors

5 Simple Ways To Help Your Neighbor

Here are a few ways to provide help, care, and kindness to your older neighbors and relatives: Check in Ц Simple to do, this small gesture can have big impact. Make a phone call, leave a card, or drop off a favorite treat to let your neighbors know you're there and thinking of them. May 13, †Ј Thankfully I am lucky to have neighbors who can help me out in a pinch when the going gets tough. Over the years I have come to love a few simple things that my neighbors have done for me and I would love to share them with you. 1. Offer to carpool. Even if it is only one way or one time. You have no idea how much that means to a mom.

I feel very blessed to live on a street where I consider my neighbors some of my best friends. I have lived on my street for 11 years and it has only been in the past years that I have felt how to help your neighbors way. It feels so good to wake up in the morning knowing that I am surrounded by people who brighten my day, because as a mom to 3 kids and a husband with a busy how to play small faces on guitar schedule, my life is very hectic and stressful.

Thankfully I am lucky to have neighbors who can help me out in a pinch when the going gets tough. Over the years I have come to love a few simple things how to cook corn on a gas grill my neighbors have done for me and I would love to share them with you. Offer to carpool. Even if it is only one way or one time.

You have no idea how much that means to a mom. What is dal indian food school drop off and pick up, sports, temple, church, boy scouts, girl scouts, and more, moms jump at the chance of not having to drive.

It is the most invaluable thing to me and helps my day run so much smoother. It seems like such a small gesture since she is already going to the school but she has no idea how much it means to me. Take in their trash cans. We used to have the most amazing neighbors from England. I still miss them to this day.

But every now and then I would come home to find that my neighbors husband had dragged in our trash cans to our side yard.

And it was always when my husband was traveling. I remember pulling up to the house and having a big smile on my face because I knew it was one less thing for me to have to do.

Before you leave for the grocery store, call up your neighbor and ask if they need anything. There have been so many times I have been cooking or even getting ready for a party and I realize I am short an ingredient or two. Fabulous neighbors will call you that morning and ask if you need anything at the grocery store. Cook and extra meal and bring it over. We also all go through times where we have illnesses, new babies, surgeries, family emergencies, deaths and more.

Bringing over a simple meal can mean everything to a person in need of help. The whole family will appreciate it and you will feel so good that you helped. Read their cues and listen. This is quite easy. Let me give you some examples: One time I posted on Facebook that I was craving a diet coke.

The next thing I know my doorbell rings and it was my neighbor and they had a diet coke in their hand. It was like I had rubbed a genie lamp or something. Another time recently I posted that I had a migraine and I was looking for remedies.

All of a sudden my neighbor is knocking on my door and she has 3 Tylenol for me. Another time I was talking to a different neighbor outside and she offered to take my daughter for a playdate so I could get some work done. Even a hug without any words can go a long way. So do something nice for your neighbor today. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Start your own Neighborhood Page, and create a virtual community center where you and your neighbors can connect and converse about the things that matter to you. Keep your ears peeled for barking and unleashed neighborhood dogs. Poke around the town clerkТs office. This is an easy way to find out which neighbors have filed for what, like permits for.

By: Colleen McGrew on April 9th, The value of helping and supporting your neighbors , community , friends , and family has been at the top of our minds more than ever over the past few weeks and months. As we adjust to these new times and changing lifestyles, it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate this new landscape. Back to Top. For more ways you can help health care workers, click here. From sunrise to sunset, visitors are invited to explore the acres of inviting woodland trails, sports fields, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and more at Cabin John Regional Park.

Throughout all four seasons ice skating, tennis classes, camps, recreational sports and more are just a few of the activities held in this quiet oasis just steps from the lively shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities at Cabin John Village. Read More. October 11, From dog parks and local trails to dog dining and diving, we've compiled a list of the best local spots to enjoy some time with your favorite furry friend in and around Bethesda, MD!

Here are the top places to explore, eat, and enjoy with your dog:. August 16, Rockville dog owners are lucky to be in an area that offers so many opportunities to get out and about with their four-legged friends. Check out Rockville's new dog-friendly neighborhood With 65 community parks, the city and its surrounding area makes it easy to get outdoors for two and four-legged exercise. Restaurants, shops, and attractions throughout Rockville roll out the welcome mat to accommodate not only their customers, but their furry friends as well.

Here are the best places to eat, drink and play with your dog in Rockville, MD:. Neighborhood news. Categories Follow Us Subscribe. Make a phone call, leave a card, or drop off a favorite treat to let your neighbors know you're there and thinking of them. Add a note with your contact information to remind them and their caregivers how to reach you.

Drop off groceries Ч If you are safe and able, check in with older neighbors before your next trip to the grocery store to see if they need you to pick up anything for them. Alternately, if you get groceries delivered, see if you can help set them up with the same service you use, especially if they struggle with new technology. Pick up their prescriptions Ч Many grocery stores double as a pharmacy. If you are able to take your next grocery trip where they get their prescriptions dropped off, see if you can save them a trip.

On your way home, leave the bag in their mailbox, on their front step, or somewhere they can safely and easily grab it. Help with digital set-up Ч While they may have embraced the basics, there are more online resources than ever for entertainment, classes, and connecting with their families and friends. For example, Amazon and Alexa devices are now enabling customers to access even more free digital books and stream hundreds of Sirius XM channels.

A few other digital content channels they can explore could be setting them up with a free Spotify account or teaching them how to download podcasts that would interest them the most. Help them set up their account and practice their video capabilities so they can get comfortable contacting their friends and family on their own. Online games Ч From card games to board games to group games, there are seemingly infinite online options for playing games with family and friends virtually.

Here are a few resources to check out: Crossword Puzzles Virtual Game Nights Jackbox Online classes Ч Depending on their interests, many resources have now gone online.

Teach them how to access TED Talks , help them enroll in an online poetry class, or choose from a wide variety of free educational courses. Companies offering free classes Offer to walk their dog, deliver food, or water their outdoor plants Ч If you are safe and able, offer to help out with their pet care. See if you can either pick some up for them or help set up a subscription for delivery. Send books Ч Some independent book stores are now offering delivery services for their books!

If you have any extra reading material around your house, consider dropping off a package during your next walk through the neighborhood. Care package Ч Sometimes just the reminder that someone is thinking about you is more than enough. Consider putting together a care package you can drop off. If you have kids, let them get creative with what goes in the box, as well as decorating the outside. Fill it with their favorite snacks, a few self-care items you can find at the grocery store like hand lotion or scented candles, and maybe some homemade cookies.

Make sure to include a handwritten note or homemade card to top it off and make their day. For out of town relatives Ч Make use of the technology available and check in as much as you can. If you have kids, you can set them up on a video chat playdate.

They can perform their latest feat on the piano, share their most recent artistic masterpieces, or just tell their grandparents about their day. Send snail mail if you can with any groceries they might not be able to find in their area, homemade cards, and more. Many brands and companies are working to create easy virtual spaces to connect with those around you. Do some research and see what you can find in their area. Facebook has created a community support page where local residents in your community can offer and request help.

Categories include transportation, food, toiletries, and even information. Whether they need help or would like to offer it, this could be a great resource to keep in touch with their neighbors. Back to Top What You Can Do for Neighbors with Small Children Here are a few ways to help out your neighbors who are home with the kids Virtually babysit Ч While you may not be able to physically take the kids off their hands, offer to spend an hour, or a few hours, entertaining the kids via video chat.

Choose a time where parents can get some work done during the day or give them some relief in the evening so they can relax on their own. Play Mad Libs with Mad Libs apps or order a booklet on Amazon to have at the ready for your babysitting session. Have the kids fill in the silliest words they can think of. Take a field trip - Visit a zoo or museum together. National parks, zoos, and museums are now offering virtual tours, live feeds, animal updates, and more.

Set up an online playdate for them to see their classmates and neighbors. Plan an activity or two for the kids to do together from the list above like creating the same craft and let them take over. From diapers and baby food to snacks and supplies, take a moment to check in with your neighbors with small children to see if you can pick them up anything on your next trip to the grocery store. Add some non-essentials to your cart Ч While shopping for supplies, see if there are creative activities you can come up with for the kids from items you can buy at the grocery store.

Some grocery stores have an office supply aisle with coloring books, construction paper, colored pencils, and other crafting materials. Peruse the baking aisle for food dye, baking supplies, and rainbow sprinkles for an at-home baking lesson. You can even pick up party supplies like themed cups and plates to have a special celebration or tea party with their favorite stuffed animals. It will provide some new entertainment for the kids and also be a nice throwback for the parents.

Share this Amazon Prime information Ч While Netflix may be their go-to streaming service, Amazon Prime has recently released over 20 kid-friendly shows through Prime Video. They are also offering access to free digital books across all genres for kids of all ages to enjoy. Send this Pinterest board full of ideas to busy parents for recipes, ways to entertain the kids, easy at home workouts, and more.

If you are able, check in with the health care workers in your network to see when would be a good time to order them a meal to be delivered during their shift or let them know about these offers. Provide a place to stay - Airbnb is now partnering with hosts to connect healthcare providers, relief workers, and first responders with clean and convenient places to stay so they can stay close to their patients while safely social distancing from their own families. If you are an Airbnb host or are interested in helping by donating, click here for more information.

Drop off or mail a care package ЧTake a few moments and put together a special care package for them. If you are able to safely go to a grocery store, pick up a few of their favorite snacks, possibly some fresh flowers to brighten their day, and some items they may not have time to shop for like shampoo, soap, or even hair ties.

Many hospital workers have long shifts and may not be able to fall back on their typical pet care options. If you own a business , consider what you can do to help. Many brands are donating or offering special promotions on items to help health care workers get through their days like comfortable shoes from brands like Keds and All Birds, soaps, flowers, dry shampoos, scrubs Ч even wedding dresses.

Click here for inspiration on what other brands are doing to help. Back to Top What You Can Do for Your Community Here are a few ways you can help those in your community from local businesses to nonprofits and more: Communicate with your community Ч Join or start a group chat, a Facebook group, a chain of emails, a Google Doc Ч whatever method, choose a space for your neighbors to come together and support each other.

This forum can become an exchange to connect those with needs to neighbors who can help run errands, schedule virtual game nights, or just offer emotional support as a way to check in. Do you have instruments that need a tune up? Many local music shops are offering pick up and drop off services for instrument care. Can you order board games from a local toy store? New outfits from a local boutique? Tag a snapshot of your delivery dinner or a photo of your pet supplies you ordered to show your support and encourage others to do the same.

The Washington Post recently gathered a list of several nonprofits working to support communities in the DC region and how you can help. For details on each organization, click here. Support local pet shops Ч From treats and toys to food and litter, see if you can pick up your pet supplies from a local pet store or have them delivered to your front doorstep. Rather than pick these up at a grocery store chain, take a look at how you can support local pet stores instead.

Here are a few resources to get you started: Find a shelter in your community What you can do to help animals and shelters during this time Offer to help neighbors with their pet care Ч If you are safe and able, see if you can help out your neighbors with their pet care, especially those who are unable to go on long walks with their dogs or go to the store to pick up supplies.

The Humane Society ASPCA Keep your dog happy Ч Here are a few ways to keep your dog engaged, happy, healthy, and energized during this time: At-home workouts you can do with your dog 5 ways to keep your dogs entertained Tips for staying at home with your pets How to keep your cat entertained How to turn leftovers into a tasty chicken pot pie treat for your dog Back to Top What You Can Do for Yourself to Stay Connected and Take Care While focusing on what you can do for others, don't forget to take care of yourself.

Here are a few resources and ideas for how to stay connected, stay busy, and take care: Stay connected Ч While social distancing physically, there are still endless avenues to stay connected to friends, neighbors, and family. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions: Virtual game night How to Host a Virtual Game Night 17 Best Games to Try Jackbox Psych by the Ellen team who brought us Heads Up Zoom conference happy hour Starting a virtual book club Ч Some authors are offering their books for free, Amazon is offering more free digital downloads, and libraries have additional Kindle downloads for easy access to new books.

Get started with these resources: Skillshare Companies offering free online courses Redesign, reorganize, and repurpose your home decor - If you're starting to get tired of your home set up, check out these tips for how to redesign your home with what you already have Try a new podcast - If you've caught up on all your favorite podcasts, peruse this list for new ones to try - or even start your own!

Start a garden on your rooftop terrace or in your backyard. Here are a few tips to get you started. Turn your home into a cozy oasis with these 11 easy tips Cook a new recipe Recipes for what you already have in your pantry Extensive list of recipes to make at home Take care - Helping others - Sometimes it's a simple relief to focus your attention on helping neighbors, friends, and the community Play with your pets - Pets are known to help reduce stress and make you happier so make sure to take some time to reconnect with your furry friends each day Practice meditation and tune out the noise 10 Best Ways to Manage Your Anxiety at Home Top 5 Meditation Apps Get zen with an at-home yoga class Pick up a relaxing new hobby - Avoid options that may cause stress or make you feel overwhelmed, as they should bring out positive feelings of accomplishment and contentment rather than negatives ones.

Cook a new recipe, try a book in a new genre, or learn the art of scrapbooking. Listen to calming playlists Take more baths - Did you know taking a hot bath can scientifically release and reduce stress? Get some fresh air - Open your windows, sit out on your porch or rooftop terrace, go on a run, or take your dog for a walk Don't give up on your workout routine - There are hundreds of options for free at-home workouts for all types of workouts.

Back to Top If you have any questions on how to connect with EYA during this time, click here for a quick message from our team , links to our online resources, and more information.

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