How to paint your xbox 360 faceplate

how to paint your xbox 360 faceplate

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Jul 11,  · In this video I will show you how to custom paint your xbox faceplate Thank You for the veiwers =)Stuff you wil. Mar 23,  · If you want to buy a custom painted faceplate/controller: likedatingen.coms is a tutorial on how to custom spray paint your xbox .

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you might want to trace a teplate of the face plate and sketch it out on paper then take a pencil and draw out what ever you want to paint on, now is a good time to decide if Estimated Reading Time: 30 secs. Oct 30,  · Customize your Xbox with a custom painted faceplate. It's relatively easy to do, provided you don't want to do anything crazy with it, and it isn't very. simple and easy! warning, this will void your warranty.

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Your best bet is not to spray it with the console together. If you want to paint your case then you should take it apart.

It will void your warranty so be sure this is what you want to do. When painting your console with spray paint be sure to keep the same distance and dont spray too much on one certain area. You should also sand the console casing down to roughen the surface and give the paint something good to stick too.

Primer is also very important in how the paint will adhere to the casing. I suggest using several light coats of the color and then finishing up with a clear coat for a beautiful paint job. You can use the website below for reference. You cannot merely purchase a can of spray paint, and go to town on it The games you choose to play already say something about your style, and now your console can show off your style too.

ColorWare offers many standard colors to choose from so that you can make your console as individual as your games. Plus, you can color your controllers too, so you can always know which is your favorite controller. All of our colors include our standard high-gloss scratch resistant finish, that will protect your console and controllers from scuffs due to normal usage, and keep the color looking new basically for the life of your system.

ColorWare offers two types of colors: metallic and solid. Metallic colors contain small flakes that add a little variation and sparkle, while the solids are pure color, without any effect.

Both color types will look great on your console. Download the Order Sheet. It will also be included in your order notification email. This contains the shipping instructions you will need, and must be sent in with your product. The rest of the process will ask for your contact, return shipping and payment information. If you use a credit card, that card will not be charged until we receive your product at our facility.

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