How to pierce your earlobe at home

how to pierce your earlobe at home

Want to Pierce Your Ears? Here’s How to Do It Painlessly

Aug 11,  · hello everyone so this video is a quick tutorial on how to easily pierce your ear yourself at home. I promise that it is very safe because i have done it to. May 28,  · How To Pierce Your Ear At Home #1 – Use the Sharpie to make a reference point on the earlobe.. My friend performing the piercing marked both of my #2 – Sterilize the needle and bottoms up.. Using the matches, start a flame and warm the sharp end of the needle you #3 – .

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Learn more Your forward helix is a unique place to pierce. If you decide that it is the piercing for you, take the necessary precautions so you only have to do it once. The safest and easiest method is probably to see a professional, who can pierce your ear safely and efficiently.

If you decide to do it at home, though, sterilize the space and the tools that you'll use to reduce infection. Brace yourself and then go for it. Log in Social login does not work how to remove bicycle handlebar stem incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

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Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Part 1 of Decide where to perform the piercing. Many people choose to pierce their ears at home to save time and money. While this is an option, it is far more sanitary to use a professional. Piercing your ears at home results in a higher chance of infection. Professional establishments have far more experience with both the practice of piercing and sanitation procedures.

As your forward learn how to train service dogs is a more painful piercing, you will want someone else to do it.

Check them out to make sure this is the piercing for you. Now is not the how to install ad in windows server 2008 r2 to go for the cheapest option or to rush.

Pick a place you feel comfortable with. Pick out your earrings. The last thing you want to do is pierce your ear, but forget to have earrings ready. The best thing for a pierced forward helix is a barbell stud. This size leaves room for the swelling that will occur after piercing. Get a piercing needle. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to get a proper piercing needle. Piercing needles have a hollow center so you can easily slip your earring through your ear once you make a hole with the needle.

You can buy piercing needles online or from local stores that perform piercings. Make sure to use a needle that is at least one gauge bigger than the earring that you plan to wear. Many places use 16 gauge needles for forward helix piercings. There are piercing packages for sale, which normally comes with two piercing earrings that have been loaded into a spring puncher. You can purchase these online or at beauty supply stores.

Follow the directions as closely as you can. Avoid piercing earrings. Some locations sell earrings with sharp needles affixed to them. These are used for piercing, but should not be used to pierce your forward helix.

The cartilage in your helix is far too thick for these piercing earrings to work properly. Be careful. Some people have allergies to certain kinds of metals — mainly nickel and gold-plated materials. If you have the money, spring for a higher quality metal like silver or titanium.

Sterilize the needle. Sterilization is key. There are several ways that you can sterilize your needle. Your needle should come in a sterilized package. If so, then you can use it immediately. How to crack a electronic safe you are using a non-factory sealed sterilized needle, sterilize it over an open flame. Hold it there until the tip becomes red hot.

You could also sterilize the needle with boiling water. Boil water and place the needle in it for 5 to 10 minutes. The hot water will kill off most of the germs on the needle. Remove it with tongs and only hold it with sterile latex gloves. Be careful, the needle will be hot for a minute or two.

Clean your ear. Wipe repeatedly and dab dry with a cloth. Brush your hair out of the way as well. Your hair is covered in dust, grease, and germs. Take precautions to keep your hair away from the piercing site once it has been cleaned. If possible, tie your hair up and away from how to increase the width of your biceps ear.

Use bobby pins to hold in place. Mark on your ear where you want the piercing to go. Take a non-toxic pen and put a dot where you want the piercing to be. Get it exactly right.

Get it right in the center of your helix. Take into account other piercings as well. Find a clean space. Clean your bathroom. Part 2 of Find something sturdy to put against the inside of your ear. You need to have something against your ear so that you can push the needle through your ear without puncturing other parts of your ear. A wad of toilet paper or a cork are both good choices.

Have a friend help you with the piercing. The forward helix, in particular, is difficult to get to, especially if you are looking in the mirror. This whole process is much easier to do when you have someone there to help you. Consider your pain tolerance. You might consider taking a single Advil or other pain reliever a half hour before piercing your forward helix.

If you can tough out the pain, do not take the pain reliever as it will increase blood flow to the spot and possibly cause more bleeding during the actual piercing. Get the needle in place. It should be perpendicular to your forward helix to ensure that it goes in straight.

Take a deep breath and pierce the helix quickly. Don't stop midway through your helix as it prolongs the process and the pain.

You will hear how many kg in a tonne uk popping noise when the needle goes in. This is normal. Put the earring in. After you've pierced your forward helix and the needle is still in place, take the shaft of the earring into the hollow tube of the needle and then push it all the way through the ear. It is important to get the earring in place as soon as possible, before your ear begins to swell.

Most likely, your ear will start to bleed.


Oct 24,  · A focus on how to pierce your ear, cartilage, painlessly, without hurting, at home, with a sewing needle, earring, a gun and a safety pin. How to Pierce your Ear at Home While the outcome of piercing the ears is very much glamorous, actually, the piercing of the ears can be a bit risky. But, [ ]. Thank you for checking out my piercing tutorial! This really, doesn't hurt! Best numbing cream for piercings and tattoos in my opinion:) Mithra + cream: htt. Dec 28,  · 4. Place potato behind your earlobe. Take the potato and, after it has been washed, place it behind your earlobe. This is a safe way to protect your neck and help with the force from the piercing. If you have someone available to help you, they can pierce while you hold the potato or Nerf ball. You want something solid but easy to hold. 5.

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Reply 10 years ago on Step 3. Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. My guess would be because the left ear is usually considered the "straight" ear, so if you want to stop with just one, as a straight man, the left one would be a better bet. You shouldn't ice your ear it makes the skin tighten and rougher to pierce.

You should use tooth numbing gel or something like that. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. How long did you leave it in there? My mate pic found that he couldn't get the safety pin out for quite a while, had to snip bits of that were making it hard to see. Eventually it went good and he replaced it with that bar. Introduction: Pierce Your Own Ears.

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