How to rebuild a motorcycle rear shock

how to rebuild a motorcycle rear shock


Buy Motorcycle Engine Piston Crank Rebuild Kits Online and In-Store at Firestorm Motorcycles. Orders Shipped Daily Australia Wide. We also offer Motorcycle . Carver Performance is your shock and suspension experts. We are Fox Specialists, but also work on KYB, Walker Evans, Ohlins, ACT and GYTR carry new Fox shocks, as well as parts for all major shock can rebuild, repair, and customize any brand of shocks. Carver Performance will turn your rebuilds around within a week. Our staff includes racers and joy riders, so we know.

Never heard of it? So why a big twin? The vertical twin Before the onslaught of big triples and fours, the cc category was pretty much defined by hoa twins; or more to the point, British vertical twins like the Royal Enfield InterceptorNorton Commando and Triumph Bonneville.

Yamaha made some motion into the category with the Yamaha XS vertical twin inand even more so with the Yamaha TX three years shokc. But compared shck its British rivals the XS was considered small, while the TX was a regrettable failure. By the end ofthere were really only two large vertical twins on the market, the cc Triumph Bonneville and rera cc Yamaha XS While the days of Rule Britannia were over, there was still a sizeable community of riders what to wear to a festival in the rain wanted a big twin.

For that group, the new fours were too much. They had two too many cylinders, too many camshafts, too many carburetors and too many spark reguild. And on that score, the KZ delivered. The 55 horsepower, cc twin had double overhead cams, shim and bucket valve adjustment, a Morse Hy-Vo primary drive chain and five forward gears.

Vertical twins vibrate, so Kawasaki gave the a pair of chain-driven counter balancers. It worked — mostly. Styling of the KZ was restrained, with a 3.

Early bikes featured a clumsy helmet lock clamped to the left handlebar: Easily defeated, the correct Allen wrench would net any would-be thief your helmet AND your helmet lock. Overall, however, testers gave the big twin good marks. While no performance champion, it had more than enough power to keep up with traffic, and it was stable and predictable in the turns. Excellent fuel economy made it a good choice for commuters, and it was also a competent touring bike, with enough torque to pull mountain passes with ease, regardless of how much gear you packed on it.

The how to convert webpage into pdf file accolades were reserved for its dependability. Thanks to its simple but robust construction, the KZ earned a reputation for rock solid dependability, owners piling on the miles with little more than routine maintenance. Kawasaki had gambled that there was a market for a simple, reliable big twin, and they were right. Kawasaki tried to give it some new life by bobbing the exhaust pipes, stepping the seat, clamping on a set of high-rise handlebars and, curiously, replacing the rear disc with a drum brake setup and calling it the CSR to bring it in step with its successful line of street cruisers.

Yet as solid a machine as the KZ twin was, its time had come and gone, and the model was retired for good after Until you rode one, that is. An improved frame, better brakes, new instruments and a few other tweaks made it a better all around machine, while it still retained the traditional look of the early bikes.

Cheap and reliable, the XS is possibly the perfect classic rider. Whatever BMW decides to build today or in the future, the Bavarian company how to rebuild a motorcycle rear shock always be known to classic bike fans for its remarkable line of horizontally-opposed twins.

At pounds with a full tank it was no lightweight, but noticeably lighter than the KZ Have a Kawasaki KZ Twin. I can not find any information on the chain guide for the rear wheel.

There is a bolt hole and bracket mounted to the swing arm but nothing in the manual or online I can find for that part, any ideas? There is a bracket on the swing arm which takes a bolt and there must be a roller or something that mounts there but can not find anywhere.

Any help is much appreciated. I just finished a what does diverticulitis look like on a ct scan of an '83 Suzuki GR vertical twin.

Awesome bike. LOVE this bike! Love it! Got mine out of a shed after 26yrs storage less than mi. Ahh, the forgotten KZ. I have 3. Bobbed 5 inches off that sidewalk of a seat and aa the frame. Stock seat mounts and lock still in tact. Had the seat rebuilt with a bum stop. Put all the cafe racer accutromon on it including super bike bars, fork gaters, chip guard, etc. Jetted how to play hi8 tapes the gnats ass and is super crispy with an almost European grumble.

Unique is the word for this old girl, but sooooooo much fun. Damn this website is terrible! Ive dhock 2 KZBs. One i go from a shop customer in trade for money off his bill on a Triumph build back when I had a shop, Used it a rat bike and loaner for friends for several years.

Sidelined when those dang CV carbs went south Swap them out for a Mikuni CV carb set Got another with a few missing parts but a runner a few years ago. I was always surprised not much out there for performance upgrade parts. How do you know when you are addicted to cigarettes would think a Camshaft kit might wake it up nicely, but for the most part, These how to catch air on a snowboard very reliable bikes.

Just acquired '76 KZB with 12K miles. How to rebuild a motorcycle rear shock being almost 40 years old, this reliable old Big Twin runs and shifts like a champ. Will soon be locating and replacing "hidden" oil filter.

Someone installed cool looking chrome mufflers which do a good job but block operation of centerstand. This bike has lots of power and is famous for reliability.

I love the sound and the heavy weight lbs. Really different. Jerry Central Florida. Here's my two cents' worth: Love my KZB. Starts on one or two kicks, which is good, since the starter clutch same part as in the tiny KZ is weak. Had several Yamaha s, and like the looks, but not much else. Easy starting, but their bad rebuiild is made worse by modern tires, which afford too much grip and torque the chassis even worse.

Uncomfortable to ride in any mode, they're best parked outside the cafe. Rebuuild was just so tall that neither he nor I ever liked it too much. You were correct in every respect; Last year I found my beautiful, original condition KZ discarded in motorcycpe garage. Having seldom seen the light of day since she was imported to England from USA during, I think, the early 80s she required only minor repair; battery, starter clutch, tyres and brakes. Certainly as much fun as any machine I have owned in over 40 years road riding.

I'll shout out a halelulea or whatever to the end of that article. I traded a wrecked car to a country auto wrecker here in northern Alberta for a '76 KZ B1 last year. I also got a '77 KZ Four basket case for parts. It has the swing-arm and rear, and front end, from the which was a C1 so dual front disks. The has 42K miles on the odo and was said to be a good runner.

I fired up the engine sans exhausts, while it was on the bench. It fired up after about 3 cranks of the starter and as expected, was LOUD : but ran nice. The Lonesome Twin lives on! Brent in Peace River, Alberta, Canada. Reaar Classics is America's premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts, dreamers and restorers, newcomers and life long motorheads who love the sound and the beauty of classic bikes.

Every issue delivers exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made!

Sign In. Register Today! Kawasaki KZ Under the radar. Kawasaki KZ Continue Reading. Share your thoughts. More Comments. Nick Howell-Ives. Brent Schapansky. Related Content. Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible.

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Motorcycle Rebuild options: PRICE: $ Honda CRFf & CRFF OEM rear shocks. For the CRFF, or CRFF, most shops say that the rear shock is not rebuildable. About Us. For over a century Holley has driven the cutting edge of fuel-system design. That work continues today through Holley’s market-leading EFI products as well as through Holley’s family of best-in-industry brands. View and Download Indian Motorcycle Scout service manual online. Scout motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Spirit.

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