How to say fox in norwegian

how to say fox in norwegian

How to Say Fox in Different Languages

The Norwegian for fox is rev. Find more Norwegian words at! We hope this will help you to understand Norwegian better. Here is the translation and the Norwegian word for fox: rev Edit.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you'll have heard The Foxa music video launched by Norwegian duo Ylvis to coincide with the launch of the new series of their talk show, i kveld med Ylvis Tonight with Ylvis on TV Norge. Since launching on 3 September, the video has chalked up an astonishing 28 million views in just 13 days. Ah viral YouTube hits, you gotta love 'em!

The video is essentially a parody how to subtract improper fraction other viral YouTube hits, as the duo dance around in Bloodhound Gang-esque costumes while pondering what sound a fox makes. It's not the first time the duo have released comedy songs, in fact they're well-known for it. They've even got previous English language songs out there, such as Stonehenge :. The Fox has been particularly successful in the States, with extensive mainstream media coverage propelling it to number 29 in the Billboard Hot Not bad for a couple of Norwegians trying to promote their new TV show!

And the American parodies have already started. The question is, will The Fox propel Ylvis to worldwide fame, or will they go the way of Chesney Hawkes? He what are the advantages of working in a team works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.

Not to mention the Jan Egeland song. It is great, it shows they can truly sing too! But I still think Stonehenge is my favourite. They've even got previous English language songs out there, such as Stonehenge : The Fox has been particularly successful in the States, with extensive mainstream media coverage propelling it to number 29 in the Billboard Hot Only time will tell. You might also like What does the fox say wa pa pa pap Reply.

How to say gay in Norwegian

The Norwegian for foxes is rev. Find more Norwegian words at! How to say FOX in Norwegian? f?ks FOX Would you like to know how to translate FOX to Norwegian? This page provides all possible translations of the word FOX in the Norwegian language. fox Norwegian; Discuss this FOX English translation with the community: 0 Comments. Notify me of new comments via email. 43 rows · Please find below many ways to say fox in different languages. This is the translation of the .

They have many different ways of doing this in Norway , so arm yourself with the most suitable Norwegian greeting for any occasion.

A simple Hi or Hei is always a way to go. This salutation is appropriate in most informal and semi-formal situations. As long as you stick to this one, you can hardly be mistaken. Suitable for all early-birds, God morgen can be used from the moment the sun rises until noon. Even though it has a formal tone to it, feel free to use it as long as it is daytime.

Living in one of the happiest countries in the world, Norwegians are mostly feeling well. Now, I propose we take a little break before we learn how to say our farewells. You may wonder how you would thank someone at the end of your get-together, but right after it happened.

It can also be used on some formal occasions, for example at the end of a lecture or a meeting. Takk for maten! However, this is the phrase you would rather use at a family table than in a restaurant, so play it safe with ordinary takk when eating outside. The word hyggelig bears the meaning of something pleasant and enjoyable.

This is why Hyggelig! Norwegians tend not to sound grandiloquent, so no matter how enthusiastic you were to do someone a favor, one of those three responses will do. The shortened version Ha det! This is more of an informal phrase, suitable for both eye-to-eye talk and written correspondence. And last but not least, since there is no such thing as being too kind in Norway, be sure to wish people something nice on your departure.

Ha en fin dag! There you go! You can now dive into your northern fairytale and make some true friends on your journey. Some may say Norwegian friendships happen to feel a little distant. Can you see yourself breaking the ice with some of the phrases above? Mina is a Serbian linguist whose great desire to explore the farthest languages brought her across the Arctic Circle.

Her aspiration to travel and rove about both competes and combines with her devotion to photography and love for Scandinavian languages. When feeling homesick for all the places she has been to, she revives her experiences through captured sceneries and writing.

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