How to set up forum on website

how to set up forum on website

How to Start and Run a Forum Website

You can opt instead for all content to be unrestricted, this depends on the nature of your forum and how you want to set it up. In any event, community pages should be user-friendly with intuitive navigation so that users can easily locate the discussion they’re looking for. May 11,  · Recommended forum hosting: SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting *. * Affiliate links. Step # 2: Set Up. Once you have your hosting situated, it's time to decide on the type of forum you'd like to set up on your site. There are many different types of software you can utilize, and each has its own particular advantages. MuutEstimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

When Wix Forums was launched a few months back, we knew it would be an important addition to our website builder. Decades after their inception, forums remain a vital aspect of online communities across themes, ages and interests. Creating a forum website is eet terrific method for cultivating a conversation with people from all over the world.

What makes forums such a valuable part of what to do at the mgm grand online how to make plastic jewellery In one word: People.

The ongoing contribution of webiste by forum members is what gives a forum its character. Who are the people you wish to have join your forum, and what are their shared interests? Whatever it is, this commonality will be the core of your online forum.

Emphasize it with the type of discussions you start, the questions you raise and the visual material you upload. When too many threads are available, visitors especially first-time visitors get overwhelmed. Too many topics may also lead to a situation in which some threads have only very little conversation uup on in them. Make It Beautiful : While forums thrive on words, that does not mean that looks are not important.

Members will feel more at home on a forum designed for greatness. Wix Forums gives you lots of design features and customization options to beautify your forum. Use them! Keep Members Engaged : One the ste challenges that a forum admin faces is how to keep community members active and how to encourage them to participate u the discussion on a regular basis. One how to use crofton carpet cleaner method to keep them engaged is to send out email notifications that update webwite members on new posts, replies and likes.

You can easily set up these notifications on the Wix Forum platform. Be pro-active, answer questions, start a conversation and encourage your community members to share their thoughts. Think about ways to get members engaged, like starting a poll or reviewing fodum that are relevant to your community. Use your personal or business social media channels to highlight specific threads, and get your most active members and moderators to do the same.

Offer other forum admins an exchange of links they promote yours, you promote theirs. Stay Informed: As an admin, you need to show expertise and authority in your field. Knowledge is power, and your forum can benefit from it too. Keeping up to date on the how to cook a turkey in a bag in oven news, cutting edge developments and even gossip will help you in adding high-quality content to your community kn keep your members invested and interested in what you have to say.

Turn your forum into a reliable source of information and your community will pn you with traffic. Now moving on from theory to practice, here are several examples websiye excellent forum websites created with Wix. Watch and learn:. By The Wix Team.

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How to Create a Forum on Your Website

Oct 05,  · When Wix Forums was launched a few months back, we knew it would be an important addition to our website builder. Decades after their inception, forums remain a vital aspect of online communities across themes, ages and interests. Creating a forum website is a terrific method for cultivating a conversation with people from all over the Wix Team.

Create a sense of community on your website by adding a forum. Go through 6 simple steps that detail everything from choosing a platform for your forum to setting up administrative rules. People tend to fall in the camp of loving online forums or thinking they are a waste of time. According to experts like Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips, adding a forum to your website is a great idea if you have enough traffic to keep it active. Quick navigation. There is no magic number here, but you should wait for 5, or more daily unique visitors before launching a forum.

Forums help build community, which can keep visitors coming back to your website again and again. Forum is a form of message board where users can interact with one another via posts and replies. More than likely you have participated in a forum at some point.

Forums go way back in the online world. Forum could be argued that they are the first social media spots online. It was a way for people to interact with one another on like-minded topics. Most forums are based around a specific topic or niche. If your forum becomes popular, your visitors will create unique content for your site, which can drive even more traffic and revenue as people seek answers on the topic your forum covers.

The first thing you want to do is evaluate your current web hosting company and look at your other options. Our hosting reviews here at WHSR can help you get a good idea if you're paying a fair price, how fast your server is and if the server can handle the load of a forum if it becomes popular.

For example, are there additional options for upgrading to a private server? If you are happy with your current web hosting company and would prefer not to move, you may want to utilize these uptime monitoring tools to make sure your hosting is the best it can be and your site is not having downtime. Once you've narrowed down your selection of hosting companies , or have decided to stay with your current host, take the time to contact them and explain what your vision is for your online forum and if they will have options to handle the load should your forum have a noticeable uptick in traffic.

Also, get details on the costs involved in upgrading should your forum become popular. You can start small with a cheap website hosting in the beginning; but as your forum grows you might need a VPS or dedicated hosting to handle the forum traffic. Once you have your hosting situated, it's time to decide on the type of forum you'd like to set up on your site. There are many different types of software you can utilize, and each has its own particular advantages.

Visit online: muut. Muut is an interesting solution for setting up an online forum. One of the best things about this software is that you can completely customize it.

Only want discussion without private messaging options? Muut can do that. The platform is hosted on Muut servers, which is also an added bonus if you aren't quite ready to upgrade to a VPS.

Visit online: www. You install the software on your own website and using it is completely free, other than web hosting fees. Because it is open source, you can find online help from various developers that will help you tweak your forum to be completely customized.

The styles database has 's of packages of styling and images that will help you further customize your forum. Simple Machines Forum SMF is a free software that lets you set up an online community even if you don't have a lot of coding knowledge.

It integrates with an SQL database and is streamlined enough that it shouldn't pull extensive resources from your server. Changes can be easily made via the package manager. You can get your forum launched in about 15 minutes and personalize it to suit your tastes and match the overall look of your website. MyBB is free open source software.

You can implement threads, private messaging. Since it is open source , there are many additional plugins and themes to help you customize your community. The admin panel gives you a lot of options for personalization. Kunena offers another option for a forum and is specifically for those who run their websites on a Joomla platform. Kunena is essentially an extension. It is a free forum and won't require you to write any hacks or bridges to use its features.

It basically merges the best of both worlds. With bbPress, you'll have only one admin area. It's easy to set up and moderate and won't bog down your speeds. You can also create multisite forums and even allow your users to create content for you with this platform. There are a variety of plugins and themes for this forum software. Vanilla is another solution that allows you to either use it as open source software that you host on your own site, or you can use their cloud-based solution.

You can try their cloud-based solution for a month for free to see what you think of the features included. The open source option does provide community support, but no official technical support. Once you get the actual software in place, before you open your forum to users, you'll want to come up with a set of rules to guide behavior on your site. Most online forums implement rules in the following areas:.

Of course, you'll want to consider your topic and think about what problems are most likely to arise around that topic. Once you have your rules implemented, post them in a top, sticky thread so that new members understand the rules. You may also want to ask them to agree to the TOS when signing up to access the forums.

Here's a good set of rules template for your forum. Choosing topics sounds like an easy task, but you need to look at what topics you want to cover today as well as ones in the future. Finding a niche is an important element in creating a successful online community.

Yackity yack community isn't going to be nearly as successful as amateur golfer tips community. The key is to find an area people want to know more about or are passionate about and build on that concept. If you look back at the Warrior Forum example listed above in the excellent examples section, you'll see that they have some pretty general categories and then within those general categories the threads are broken down further into specific topics. By choosing general topics, you leave yourself some room for your forum to grow.

If you own a business already, obviously you'll want a niche community related to that business. If you just want to build an online community and are just starting out, then the sky is the limit and you can choose any niche you'd like. Keep in mind that you should probably be an expert or in close contact with an expert on the topic as your members may have questions for the moderators and owners of the site. Answer those questions and you'll have a better idea of the niche area your community should cover.

Before you become overwhelmed with posts and moderating comments, you'll want to get some help in place. The best people to invite to moderate your forums are those who are already involved and comment regularly on your blog or contact you for discussion. Simply ask if they would be willing to moderate the forums. You may want to offer some small compensation for doing this task as it can be time consuming.

One of the best ways to keep members engaged is to stay in contact. Here are some ideas for ways to keep your members engaged in the community and to draw in new members. They will hopefully explain these events to newbies. Have you ever posted an idea or thought in an online community and had another member outright attack you? Most of us have experienced it over some thought or another. You probably were aggravated and either argued for a while and then realized it was taking up too much of your time, or you disengaged and left the forum.

Either way, when members don't feel safe to share their innermost thoughts and feelings without being attacked, they also are not going to be engaged. Creating a safe zone within your online community should resemble a family.

Are you scared to be yourself with your family and closest friends? Probably not. That is the same feeling members of an online community should experience. Your community may be smaller, but if it is stronger, then that is a positive thing as well. Once you've established some boundaries that protect all your members, it is important to remind them of those rules from time to time.

If your community is successful, you'll be getting a lot of new members, so these reminders are vital to keep everyone on the same page. Speaking of banning abusive members, don't be afraid to ban troublemakers from your forum, both via their registered account and their IP. If someone comes into your forum and attacks other users, makes racial comments, or otherwise disrupts the flow of give and take, then they can do damage to your site and reputation. While it is unfortunate that some people have to be banned, you sometimes have to do so for the sake of the rest of the community.

You have laid out clear rules to use your forum, so don't be afraid to enforce the consequences of those rules. The troublemaker isn't likely to convert into a customer anyway. They may be your competition trying to make you look bad or simply a snarky person.

Probably one of the best ways to learn how to create a successful forum is to study those that are particularly well done and then implement the features that you think would work best for your own site.

ProBlogger is a website for bloggers. In addition to offering a blog filled with useful tips, they've added a job board. The board is essentially a forum. Those who need to hire a blogger post potential jobs and job seekers can read the posts and private message the potential employers.

The forum is set up to make a profit. Those who are looking for an employee can pay a small fee to post their jobs.

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