How to start a youtube channel

how to start a youtube channel

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business

Create a channel with a business or other name Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site. Go to your channel list. Choose to create a new channel or use an existing Brand Account: Create a channel by clicking Create a new channel. Create a channel by clicking Create a new channel. Create . Jul 31,  · How to Start a Youtube Channel: Step-by-Step for Beginners. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next in Gillian Perkins.

If this is your first time here, we have chxnnel free YouTube tool and YouTube channel that aims to educate you on your YouTube journey. And if it is your stat to grow your channel, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, q click on our notification bell so you don't miss any of our latest tips, tricks, advice, and news. We promised 20 yougube to kickstart your YouTube channel, so let's start delivering on that promise with 10 tips in this post and 10 tips in the follow-up post.

All the tips are covered in this video too:. So amazingly, there are still some people out there who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and have been for months, possibly even years.

My advice to you is, ready or not, start now. And I'm not telling you this as a New Year's how to establish a corporation in the philippines. Every moment you hesitate or procrastinate, there are thousands of video creators starting their YouTube channel today, and how to start a youtube channel up all your potential audience.

You don't want that. Feel the fear, do it anyway. Start, press record. Record whatever you want today. It doesn't matter if it doesn't end up on YouTube. You need to gain experience in getting in front of the camera, getting behind the camera, using your editing program.

You need to start creating content to find out whether or not you enjoy making videos before you know whether or not you enjoy being a YouTuber.

The chances are, that the first video you make is going to absolutely suck. Fantastic, you've made a video. And with that, you've gotta start your YouTube channel somewhere as well, even if you're not ready. Create a YouTube account, upload a video to YouTube. You don't have to publish it, that's the important thing. You need to gain experience going through the workflow of uploading videos. The last thing you want is having a brilliant video ready to upload, but you don't know how the YouTube system works.

Again, experience is going to trump any advice any of us can give you, so record a video, upload it to YouTube. You don't have to publish it. While getting some practical experience behind you is obviously a good thing, you also want some form of strategy. So, answer these questions:.

If you're a regular to our YouTube channel and the live streams, you'll know this one off by heart. Niche down. Let me give you a quick example. What's your channel about? If you're giving an answer such hoe, "My channel's about beauty, and it's about travel, "and it's about vlogging," then it's about too many things. Get rid of all of youtjbe "ands". It should be about one specific topic, when you start your channel, because you what is a good resource comm 215 to appeal to a very specific audience.

Once you've grown your channel, and you've got millions of hpw who fall in love with you, you can take them on a journey wherever you want, but to begin with, the audience is only interested in the content. They have no investment in you. Try and remember that. It's a cruel lesson to understand, but it will help you when you first start out on YouTube. Once you've thought about and answered all of these questions, I want you to wrap it all up in a nice little present, called your value proposition.

This is your elevator pitch. Try and tell your audience who you are, and why they should watch you, in around about six words. For example, our value proposition is 'Educating your YouTube journey'. It tells you the who, YouTubers, video creators, and why they should watch, because they will learn how to grow their channels. But we've managed to do that in four words. Now it's your turn.

Bad audio is so much more distracting than bad video, and everybody hates onboard microphones. So if you can, get yourself a dedicated microphone for your camera, and if you're recording from a computer, you can't go far wrong with a Blue Yeti. Videos need structure, so when you make your next video, try to think of how you will develop a show formula, that you can use as a template for your future videos. Remember at the beginning of this video, I literally gave you a hook.

An introduction, a teaser to what's going to be going on for the rest of this video. Then we have the branded intro, how to send a fax from gmail free by an introduction to who we are for new viewers, a call to action to subscribe to our channel, and then we jumped into the meat of the content where we are right now, and at the end of this video, you'll see how we round this all up.

Your show formula will take time to structure, and it will evolve over the course of your YouTube journey. Try and keep an eye out for this when you watch your favorite YouTubers.

As rough and as random as they might appear, there is always structure and story behind each video, and that's why you watch them. Some people love analytics, others hate them, but there are a couple that are crucial to keep an eye on, whether or not you want to look at that analytics.

The first is click through rate. This represents how enticing your titles are, and how clickable your thumbnails are. Check the click-through rate for your channel as a whole, and on individual videos as you test. I'm not going to give you all of the same target to reach. Check what your current click-through rate is, and whether helen keller what we have once enjoyed two, four, six, or eight percent.

I want you to try and improve that by two to three percent this year. It will bring shart so many more views. Chwnnel other metric, as it always has been, is Watch Time. Generally speaking, the more watch time you get, the more YouTube is going to promote your content. But if you make shorter videos, that doesn't necessarily mean you must make longer videos, because your audience might not react very well to those longer videos.

What I will say is maximize the value of your watch time in the videos that you have. That's by looking at relative audience retention. How does your video yougube up to similar videos, in youtbe of whether people are still watching or not, and try and improve the relative audience retention.

Verify your YouTube account. That will give you access to the most important tool on YouTube, which is custom thumbnails. We've got a video here on ro to do it. If I see another generic cityscape, or rolling hills in the channel banner when we do channel audits, I'm going to rip out my hair.

Loved these? Here are 10 more tips or creating and growing your YouTube channel. If you want to take your YouTube channel to the xhannel level and get more views on YouTube then make sure to download vidIQ.

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January 1st We've got the top tips just for you! How to Start Your YouTube Channel: 10 Top Tips We promised 20 tips to kickstart your YouTube channel, so let's start delivering on that promise with 10 tips in this post and 10 tips in the follow-up post.

Create a personal channel

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You already know video is an important channel, and you're ready to start leveraging YouTube for your own business. I'm here to show you how to do it. This article will cover everything you need to know about creating a YouTube channel, so you can start uploading your own videos and growing your audience today.

If you're seeing a "This action isn't allowed" message when you try to create your channel, you may be using an outdated version of the YouTube app. To watch, share, create, and comment on YouTube content, you'll need a Google account.

Go to youtube. From there, you'll be taken to a Google sign-in page. Once you're set up with and signed into your Google account, it's time to create a channel. Click your user icon in the upper right-hand corner. You'll see a drop-down menu, where you'll want to click "Settings. From there, you'll be taken to your account overview. Click "Create a new channel" under "Your channel.

The first step is to create a Brand Account. It can be whatever name you want, and doesn't have to be the same name that you used to create your Google account -- but we do recommend that it reflects the brand the YouTube Channel will represent.

After you enter the Brand Account name, you might be asked to verify the account via text message or voice call. If that happens, enter the code you receive from the option you choose. Once you've verified your Brand Account, you'll be taken to the dashboard for your channel.

Now, it's time to start customizing it. We'll start with the fundamental details about your channel. From your channel dashboard, click "Customize channel. You'll notice three tabs: "Layout," "Branding," and "Basic info.

Here's where you'll enter some basic information about your channel, like the language your videos are in, as well as a description that helps people discover your channel when they enter search terms that describe what videos they're looking for. These keywords can include what your channel is about, the problems it helps solve, the people and products featured, your industry, and more. You'll also be able to add links to sites you want to share with your viewers.

These links will be displayed over your banner image more on this later like so:. In addition to the descriptive details that you've added, there's another element of customization for a new YouTube channel: The visuals. Among this channel art is your profile photo -- this is how YouTube users will identify the creator of a video when browsing video content.

You'll see this image appear beneath YouTube videos on the play page, as shown below. YouTube recommends using a picture with dimensions of at least 98 x 98 pixels. The banner image is a large banner displayed at the top of your channel page, and it's a big opportunity to convey your brand to your viewers. YouTube recommends using an image that's at least x px.

The video watermark is displayed at the bottom right of every video you post see below. You'll want to choose a logo that best represents you sized at x px. From here, you'll be able to specify certain details about how you want your content presented on your channel's page.

You'll have the option to designate a video spotlight and organize your channel page with featured sections. To upload your first video to YouTube, click the "Create" button in the top-right corner and follow the prompts. Optimizing your channel for discoverability is just the beginning. Once you start adding videos, you'll want to optimize them for search, which in turn helps users discover your video.

But this goes beyond giving your videos accurate, clear, and concise titles -- though that is important. Below, we describe some of the most important things to optimize on YouTube. When we search for videos, one of the first things that our eyes are drawn to is the title. That's often what determines whether or not the viewer will click to watch your video, so the title should not only be compelling but also clear and concise.

This should be limited to 1, characters -- and remember that your viewer came here to watch a video, not to read a lot of text. Plus, YouTube only displays the first two or three lines of text, which comes to about characters, so front-load the description with the most important information. That way, YouTube can associate your video with similar videos, which can broaden your content's reach. But approach with caution -- just as with your title, don't use misleading tags because they might get you more views -- in fact, Google might penalize you for that.

Choosing a category is another way to group your video with similar content on YouTube -- but that might not be as simple as it sounds. YouTube's Creator Academy suggests that marketers "think about what is working well for each category" you're considering by answering questions like:. That's it -- you've officially not only created a YouTube channel but now also know how to optimize its content for discoverability.

For more information on how to best leverage YouTube for marketing, check our entire collection of resources. Editor's note: This post was originally published in November and has been updated for comprehensiveness. Originally published Feb 3, AM, updated February 04 Logo - Full Color.

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Create a new YouTube channel using your Google account. Navigate to the Customize Channel page. Add Basic Info to your channel for discoverability. Upload branding elements to your channel.

Customize your more advanced layout options. Add videos and optimize them for search. Free Resource. How to Create a YouTube Channel. Creating a well-managed YouTube channel with consistent content can help businesses grow better, but doing it right is just as important.

Here's how to do it step-by-step. Sign in to your Google account. If you have a Google account, you'll be prompted to sign in. If you have multiple Google accounts, be sure to select the one you want to be associated with the YouTube channel. If you do not have a Google account, click "Create Account" and follow the prompts to register for one. Start by clicking "Basic info. These links will be displayed over your banner image more on this later like so: 5.

Under the "Branding" tab, you'll be able to add your: Profile Picture Among this channel art is your profile photo -- this is how YouTube users will identify the creator of a video when browsing video content.

Banner Image The banner image is a large banner displayed at the top of your channel page, and it's a big opportunity to convey your brand to your viewers.

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