How to treat tendonitis in the thumb

how to treat tendonitis in the thumb

How do you get tendonitis in your hand?

Oct 20, Reducing pain and inflammation is the number one priority when treating tendonitis of the hand. Once your inflammation lessens, your pain and the other symptoms will go away naturally. If your injury is from overuse, reduce your activity level for the activity causing your Orthoindy. Aug 29, Three types of surgeries are commonly recommended for trigger finger. Open surgery. Using a local anesthetic, a surgeon makes a small incision in the palm of the hand and then cuts the tendon Author: Tessa Sawyers.

In this HealthHearty article, we shall discuss the identifiable symptoms, possible causes, and available treatment options for thumb tendonitis. Have a look Have a look. A tendon is the tissue that connects the muscles and the bones. The condition of an inflamed tendon is called tendonitis also spelled as tendinitis. It most commonly occurs as a result of physical trauma, repetitive stress, or inflammatory rheumatic diseases like gout or reactive arthritis.

The following is a brief discussion relating to tendonitis of the thumb. In the human body, tendons are rope-like structures that attach the muscles to the bones. Thus they allow movement of the bones along the joints, during muscle contraction and expansion. They are encased by a thin and slippery soft-tissue, known as synovium, which makes it possible for the tendons to move easily through a fibrous tunnel known as the sheath. Would you like to write for us?

Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk The forearm comprises two long bones which connect to the small bones of the wrist, fingers and thumbs. Several muscles responsible for controlling movement, originate from the forearm and connect to the bones of the fingers and thumb via tendons. Tension is placed via the respective tendons when the thumb muscles contract.

When this occurs repeatedly and in excess, or in an intense, forceful, or unnatural manner, it may result in damage to the tendon and associated mechanism. This subsequently leads to inflammation, degeneration and swelling to one or more of the tendons associated with the thumb a condition known as thumb tendonitis.

Such activities may include sports, weight-training, chopping wood, brick-laying, hammering, sewing and knitting, prolonged writing or computer usage. Thumb tendonitis how to get free items on gaiaonline results from excessively forceful activities such as heavy lifting and gripping.

It also occurs due to accidents involving a fall, fracture, serious muscular strain, etc. Typically this condition is observed in new mothers, who frequently have to position their thumb awkwardly while nursing their babies. The hormonal changes occurring in the bodies of expectant and nursing mothers, is also a possible reason behind thumb tendonitis. The likelihood of developing thumb tendonitis is greater in patients who have preexisting back, shoulder, wrist etc. Usually, thumb tendonitis causes swelling and tenderness and so the patient will find it painful and uncomfortable to assume this position.

The foremost aim of the treatment, is to alleviate the symptoms of tendonitis, and so the doctor will probably suggest that the patient avoids using the affected thumb as much as possible. He may also recommend a splint to provide support and comfort allowing the healing to take how to do chi squared by hand effectively.

Following the R. Since the basic reason behind the discomfort is inflammation of the tendon, medical treatment will typically include anti-inflammatory medication, which will probably need to be administered orally. The treatment will also probably require the patient to undertake physiotherapy.

This will involve procedures including specific massages, trigger point releases, joint mobilization of the wrist, fingers, thumb and hands, electrotherapy, ultra-sound treatment etc. Taking sufficient rest and medication is most important to relieve the pain, swelling and discomfort. One must try to avoid performing those movements frequently that hurt the thumb. Ignoring the symptoms and carrying on with such activities will cause the condition to aggravate further and delay the healing.

The compliance of the patient and adherence to medical advice will play a key role in effective and complete treatment. In the later stages of rehabilitation, when the pain subsides sufficiently, the physiotherapist will put the patient on a strengthening and flexibility routine.

This will involve low to moderate intensity painless exercises with or without weightswhich will help the patient in regaining the full range of motion and lost strength. It will also make the thumb and associated muscles and tendons strong enough to resist future injuries. To obtain their full benefits, the patient will typically be required to perform these exercises regularly at home.

There may be a few instances where the use of medication, resting and physiotherapy will not be able to alleviate the symptoms. In such severe cases of thumb tendonitis, the doctors might prescribe the following higher level treatments. Corticosteroids: Corticosteroid injections may be administered to the tendon sheath to reduce the inflammation and swelling, and speed up the healing process. Surgery: If everything else fails and the injury is severe enough, the patient might have to undergo surgery, which will involve opening the thumb compartment or covering, so that the irritated tendon gets enough space to accommodate itself.

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2. Range of Motion

May 06, Home Treatment for Thumb Tendonitis or De Quervains Syndrome Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy are very effective in treating De Quervains syndrome. To decrease the inflammation of the tendons, avoid repetitive movement of the thumb and gripping movements as much as possible. A splint can be used to rest the tendons. How to treat thumb tendonitis? One of the initial treatment is a thumb splint or brace to help support the thumb. Rest and some types of anti-inflammatory medications may help. Icing the area can effectively reduce inflammation. Mar 04, Thumb tendinitis is typically caused by overuse of the muscles that move your thumb. Stretching, range of motion and strengthening exercises can reduce pain and weakness caused by thumb tendinitis. If you suspect you have this condition or have thumb pain that interferes with your daily activities, see a doctor for an accurate Aubrey Bailey.

With the invention of computers and now smartphones, we use our hands a lot more than we ever did. This caused an increase in overuse injuries of the hands. Pain in the thumb caused by tendonitis is very common. Numerous studies have shown increase in prevalence of thumb tendonitis because of texting and smartphone use. Pain occurs when the tendons around the base of the thumb gets irritated and inflamed. The swelling that occurs with the inflammation can also cause numbness when it presses on the nerve that passes near it.

It is found that it affects women more than men. To decrease the inflammation of the tendons, avoid repetitive movement of the thumb and gripping movements as much as possible. A splint can be used to rest the tendons.

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