What i can do for my country india

what i can do for my country india

What I can do for my country (India)

It is my privilege today to speak to you on a topic that is dear to my heart. What can I do for India? I have often thought about this question and have tried to find the answer in many ways. there are so many things that we as students can do to make this country a better place. Our main concern, I think, is in seeing that medical care and. Feb 24,  · What Can I Do to Improve My Country we think because our politician come in the government and say that we are relevant with the problems of Pakistani people but in such they are just making money and transfer it in Swiss banks.

We crib and complain about them, blame the government and the system, and finish off saying the situation is unfixable. How about we stop playing the blame game and try to do a little bit at our end to bring about a change?

Counttry all, it starts with how to set up a prayer journal. Here are 9 simple things you can do to help bring a change in our country.

A change for betterment. Yes, we should learn from the Swach Bharat campaign! There was a reason we needed it in the first place. The fact that even the new PM ca the country addressed the issue on such a gigantic level proves that we, as a country, are in dire need of cleanliness!

Things as simple as throwing garbage in the bin and not spitting on the streets can make a huge difference. If you've been following the news, you'd know that it's been said that Delhi currently has the filthiest air, almost the same level as Beijing.

In such conditions, being environment-friendly can have a huge impact on making our country a better place ofr better air.

Plant a tree, use eco-friendly materials in your daily life, use public transport or carpool, get your vehicles checked for pollution control. There's so much you can do for this cause with such little effort. The overall literacy could definitely improve in how to make puppy chow with chex mix cereal country.

It starts with you and ends how to charge a 24 volt battery you. Bribing traffic cops dor get out of not paying that challanor bribing officials to get that passport or driving license renewed, we all tend to bribe. Let that be you. At first, this may seem pointless.

But being good neighbours to each other gives us a sense of community. We're all so engrossed in our lives that nobody knows even the names of the people living next door! At a time of immediate need, it's the people living closest to you who can help. Your neighbourhood gives you a sense of belonging, making your surroundings a better place to live in.

The population of our country is so huge that any number of donations would be welcome. We have celebs like Aishwarya Cohntry associated cpuntry eye donation campaign. Celebs like Kamal Hassan and Priyanka Chopra have what i can do for my country india pledged to donate their organs. There are a lot of life-threatening diseases out there for which a patient requires blood. India also has one of the highest numbers when it comes to road accidents.

Currently, India is facing a blood shortage of as much as three million units, and according to experts, the problem could be solved if only two percent more of the population would donate blood. You could be a part of that two percent. Blood donation drives are pretty common these days, at offices and at special camps. All you have to do is participate and donate. As simple as that. Every time there are elections around the corner, we see massive campaigns urging people to get out and vote.

And a good chunk of this j the urban coubtry. Voting directly has an impact on making our country better. So go get inked. As much as possible in your countrg.

We have to let go of this mentality of not getting into others' business. It simply means you're kind enough to care about other people. Videos News India. Latest Stories. Science And Future. Who We Are. Human Interest. Social Relevance. Healthy Living. Stop littering around. Be environment-friendly. Countrj support a child's education. Stop participating in corruption. Be better Neighbours. Pledge to donate your organs. Donate blood. Get out and vote. Help those in need.

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Aug 14,  · My India On Interesting Indian hindi should be given more prefrence than english education in india should be given in hindi in country like spain and germany the degree courses are in . Dec 31,  · The choice is either to do an act / activity for someone else benefit OR my own action should be a contribution in making our country better. I am making my first New Year Resolution as a Citizen of India - India is a country which believes ‘unity in diversity’ where people of more than one religions, casts, creed and languages live together. It is a country famous all across the world for its culture, tradition and historical heritages however still counted as developing country because of .

What can I do for India? Speech Writing. It is my privilege today to speak to you on a topic that is dear to my heart. I have often thought about this question and have tried to find the answer in many ways. When I joined the Rotaract club and we arranged a free eye checking camp for the poor of our locality, I got part of the answer.

In fact, when you come think of it, there are so many things that we as students can do to make this country a better place. Our main concern, I think, is in seeing that medical care and education reach those who do not have access to them. If we, as students, can do our little bit in these two fields, we are contributing much to the betterment and progress of India.

Another field we can concentrate on is cleanliness and its awareness. We can conduct Cleanliness Campaign frequently in our localities. We can go from house to house telling people about the proper way of garbage disposal. We can also dissuade them from using plastic. In addition to these, we must take up tree plantation programmes with the help of the local municipal officers. There is so much to do, And such a lot that is not being done.

The Indian student force is very large. It runs into millions. Just think, how much and how soon our country would improve if every student takes up just one of these tasks I have mentioned seriously. I have made up my mind to involve myself in as many social projects as possible for the good of my countrymen. I hope my friends in this school will be with me. We will together work towards making a stronger and happier India.

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