What is a freak of nature

what is a freak of nature

noun a person or animal that is born or grows with abnormal physical features. an unusual, unexpected natural phenomenon. freak of nature Something or someone that is unusual, rare, or abnormal in some way; beyond or outside the natural world. The goat they have at the circus sideshow is a real freak of nature, it was born with two heads! He can lift over pounds in the gym, he's like some freak of nature.

A thing lf occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular: A freak of nature produced the midsummer snow. An abnormally formed organism, especially one regarded as a curiosity.

A sudden capricious turn of mind; a whim: "The freaks of the psyche can no more be explained than the Devil" Maurice Collis. Slang a. A drug user or addict: a speed freak. An eccentric or nonconformist person, especially a member of a how to get a scholarship to berklee college of music. An enthusiast: rock music freaks.

Highly unusual or irregular: a freak accident; a freak storm. To experience or cause to experience frightening hallucinations or feelings of paranoia, especially as a result of taking a o. Often used with out. To behave or cause to behave irrationally and uncontrollably. To become or cause to become greatly natuer or upset. All rights reserved. Biology a person, animal, or plant that is abnormal frewk deformed; monstrosity.

Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Informal enthusiastfannut slangaddictbuff informalfanaticdevoteefiend informalaficionado He's a self-starting computer freak. A person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity: bugdevoteeenthusiastfanaticwbatzealot. Informal: bufffanfiend. An impulsive, often illogical turn how to become an ama racer mind: beeboutadecapriceconceitwhat is a curated articlehumor fo, impulsemegrimnotionvagarywhimwhimsy.

Idiom: bee in one's bonnet. A person or animal that frsak abnormally formed: monstermonstrosity. Freak Laune launenhaft. A storm as bad as that one is a freak of nature; also adjective a shat result. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? At a distance, it was scarcely possible to persuade one's self that the works of art were not mingled with these fantastic freaks of nature. They have received the name of Scott's Bluffs, from a melancholy circumstance. View in context.

He read old almanacs at the book-stalls on the quays, and he began to frequent another cafe, where more newspapers were taken and his postprandial demitasse cost him a penny extra, and where he used to con the tattered sheets for curious anecdotes, freaks of natureand strange coincidences. But that which completed the almost masculine look Morcerf found so little to his taste, was a dark mole, of much larger dimensions than these freaks of nature generally are, placed just at feeak corner of her mouth; and the effect tended to increase the expression of self-dependence that characterized her countenance.

He's a freak of nature, with an unusual action, and as has the case been with freaks of naturethe year-old is fast turning out to be a genius of sorts. Calypso Kings doff their hats to 'timeless' Bumrah. Dictionary browser? Full browser?

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Freak of nature definition is - freak. Post the Definition of freak of nature to Facebook Share the Definition of freak of nature on Twitter. freak of nature a phrase used to describe someone in either a good or bad way. or just because it's funny. shut up you freak of nature come here and say hey, you freak of nature, you. A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular: A freak of nature produced the midsummer snow. 2. An abnormally formed organism, especially one regarded as a curiosity. 3.

The film was issued in a limited release by Columbia Pictures on October 30, The film follows three high-school outcasts whose social alienation is compounded when they join rival species in a town inhabited by humans, vampires and zombies. Aliens set the species against each other, and the outcasts try to band everyone together to fight the invaders.

The town of Dillford, Ohio, is home to three species who despise each other: humans, vampires, and zombies. Vampires are the top of the food chain in both literally and in social circles and tend to be the cooler kids in town. The zombies are able to leave their ghetto with special collars that keep them compliant. The humans languish somewhere in the middle, intimidated by the vampires while seeing the zombies as second class citizens. All seem to have their own communities and rules by which they keep a tense truce.

School nerd Dag sets out to lose his virginity with Lorelei, the hottest girl in school to prove he isn't a loser. He has issues with Rick Wilson, the baseball coach and manager of the local meat factory. Rick fired all of the human employees, including Dag's mother, and replaced them with zombies as cheap labor. Rick taunts him with this as Dag practices his pitching and he chokes and ends up hitting one of the star athletes, injuring him severely.

Dag's hippy parents try to cheer him with a speech about the men in his family being late bloomers. When the euphemisms about puberty and "huge changes" make Dag uncomfortable, he stops his well meaning parents and tries to forget about the conversation.

Meanwhile, social outcast Petra is seduced and transformed into a vampire after being bitten by Milan, the high school's playboy vampire, while they are making out.

Later he rejects her when she wants to make the relationship permanent, leaving her alone and now a vampire with no idea how to cope. Dag's former best friend Ned, the brother of the athlete Dag injured, is also a social outcast at high school. He is one of the smartest people in the town but is ostracized by his sport loving father and receives only contempt from his teachers.

Following an argument with his family, Ned visits the zombie ghetto and he allows a female teenage zombie to bite his leg, transforming him into a zombie so he doesn't have to think or be smart anymore.

Right as Dag is finally about to score with Lorelei, out of nowhere Aliens invade Dillford, causing residents to believe that the vampires, zombies and humans are attacking each other. This causes an all out war between the three groups that envelopes the town in a free for all of vampires vs.

Dag and Lorelei hide in a house which is raided by a group of vampires and Lorelei is seemingly killed by Petra, who has always been jealous of her. In subsequent brawls between the factions, Dag, Ned, and Petra reluctantly join together and hide in Stuart Miller's basement, Stuart being the local doomsday nut. While sheltering from the invasion, Petra and Ned are overcome by hunger and eat Stuart and his mother. The aliens are able to determine their location, causing them to seek cover at the high school.

Ned and Dag fight about their former friendship and Dag not wanting to be a loser anymore so they stopped being friends. Ned, who is still a genius despite his non-verbal zombie status, leaves angrily. Later Petra and Dag become trapped and make out, but he flinches and Petra accuses him of being afraid of her.

The aliens find them again, and Dag realizes that the aliens can only see inorganic materials, such as their synthetic clothing. The three then strip and run to Dag's house, where they change into organic cotton clothes kept by Dag's hippie mother. Later, Dag, Petra, and Ned are captured by the aliens.

They are placed with other captured residents in a warehouse, with force fields segregating the humans, vampires and zombies. Dag and Petra find that instead of dying, Lorelei has been changed into a hot vampire, which intimidates Petra. After figuring out the weakness in the forcefield keeping them apart, Dag, Ned, and Petra convince everyone to band together to fight the aliens and destroy the forcefield..

At Rick Wilson's meat factory, the chemical "Tetrafluoraxipan" is used to transform horse cartilage into a meat-like substance and is what the aliens are after.

Dag convinces Rick to let the town in into the factory as the aliens arrive and submerge in the chemical, combining to grow into a single large alien. It begins to make a speech about how they just wanted to ask nicely for the chemical, but the town's irritated residents interrupt when it starts getting condescending towards them.

The townsfolk attack and the alien fights back but is weakened when the others realize that the ammonia tanks used in the factory can hurt it. Meanwhile, Milan corners Petra and attempts to kill her. He is stopped by Dag, who turns into a werewolf after almost being killed. He realizes this was the "big change" his parents were trying to talk to him about earlier. After a short brawl, Milan is accidentally killed when he lands on a wooden slab, which impales him.

As the outclassed alien is shrinking back to its mini size, it attempts to escape by spaceship while dropping a bomb to destroy the town. Ned catches the bomb, proving he's just as good as his athlete brother despite being a zombie.

He gives it to Dag who pitches it into the ship before it closes its doors and the spaceship explodes, destroying the alien menace. Everything returns to normal for the town, and Lorelei asks Dag out on a date.

However, Dag chooses to be with Petra instead. Ned appears to be happier and better adjusted as a zombie, and seems to have bonded with his star athlete brother who has also become a zombie.

The film entered development as "The Kitchen Sink". In January , it was reported that Nicholas Braun was in talks to join the film as well as Chris Zylka. Shooting began on August 15, , and lasted 37 days. Macneill Secondary School. The film was initially scheduled for release on January 9, In October , Sony pushed it back to September 4, Tim Janson of The SciFi Movie Page gave the film 2 stars out of 5 citing, "The ideal way to watch the film would be with your hand on the fast-forward button, stopping when Key, Leary, Odenkirk, and Oswalt are on screen and skipping through when they are not.

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