What is the size of a postcard

what is the size of a postcard

The ultimate guide to Postcard sizes and dimensions

Which postcard sizes are mailable? Postcards sized 4 x 6 inches are eligible to mail at the USPSТs First Class Postcard Rate. Postcards sized 5 x 7 Ц 6 x 11 may qualify for the USPSТs Standard Letter Rate or First Class Letter Rate. Jun 21, †Ј At Printivity, we offer numerous dimensions, however these are six different larger postcard dimensions: 4Ф x 6Ф Ф x Ф 5Ф x 7Ф 6Ф x 9Ф 6Ф x 11Ф Ф x 11ФEstimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Postcards are one of the most effective ways to send your target audience a direct mail campaign. The reason they're so effective is how simple the postcard is. Ks recipient does not have to open an envelope, making it much easier to get your message seen. But what isn't so simple is deciding which postcard size is right for you.

To complicate matters even further, the United States Postal Service has different postage rates depending on which size postcard you would like to send. There is a lot of information out there about postcards but we have created the ultimate list of postcard sizes with their what are the phases of meiosis to help you see things clearly.

It may seem silly to define what a postcard is but it is vital to understand just what the USPS says a postcard is. According postcarrd the official USPS guide"If your mailpiece does not meet the dimensions above, then the Postal Service considers it a letter and letter-size postage is charged.

You will be charged more per postcard if you exceed these dimensions. Before we jump into the pros and cons of each postcard size, we want to clarify the difference between the two main classes of mailing first class mail and marketing mail and the two main size classifications postcard and letter. The USPS has two different kinds of mail classes for posfcard.

These wize determine when your target audience will receive your mailer and how expensive each piece will be for you. The USPS has two different sizes they use to classify their thw. These sizes are made by the USPS. Yes, we even get confused at them from time to time. The standard postcard size is 4" x 6", which is a typical rectangle mailer. The standard postcard size falls within the USPS' regulations for a postcard size.

By default, the size classifies your piece as First Class Mail. With the 4"x6" postcard, you get the most affordable direct mail option. Not only do you get cheaper postage options and more affordable printing costs, you also get a faster delivery time than if you were to use Marketing Mail which we don't recommend for this size, as it is useless.

Medium Sized Postcard - The Best of Both Worlds The next common size we see come through our shop is what we call a "medium-sized" postcard. This postcard measures generally between 6"x8" to 6"x9". This is a great option for those looking to find a balance between cost and effectiveness. The obvious benefit here is there is more room to showcase your design. However, the cost will go up in both print and postage.

Due to ahat USPS' definition of postcard, this would classify as a "letter". If you want to maximize your budget while using the 6"x8" postcard size, we recommend ordering over pieces and using Marketing Mail. The last size we see quite often get printed whag our presses, is what we call a "jumbo postcard".

These postcards are much larger than the average postcard. These postcards can be a maximum of 6"x11". If you go any larger than this, your direct mail campaign will no longer be classified as a postcard.

These large postcards are not for everybody but they do serve a purpose to those looking to leave a big impact on their audience or convey a larger message that would look too crowded on the other sizes. The 6"x11" postcard, however, is the exact same postage cost as the medium size.

The only difference is the price in printing will go up for a larger piece. EDDM is another mail classification, like First Class and Marketing Mail, that allows you to pick a mailing route or zip code as your audience instead of postcrd a mailing list. However, we usually recommend going to a maximum of 11"x14" to get the most visibility with your campaign. You can see just how confusing postcard sizes can be. On top of the already confusing sizes the USPS lays out, your designer has to know the exact dimensions of where the postage goes and the address block.

We get just how overwhelming direct mail is. We have to relearn a lot of the rules and regulations the USPS implements each year. We're here to make your life easier so you can see the huge rewards of a direct mail campaign. Just right click the image and save it to your desktop for later. Helpful Hints. How to stop tmj pain naturally Ultimate Guide to Postcard Sizes.

What is a postcard according to the Postcars First Class Mail - Offers a quicker delivery time, typically business days, but is typically more expensive.

Marketing Mail - Offers a slower delivery time but is generally what is leap year rated expensive. The "postcard" technically defined by the USPS is at least 3. All other sizes are technically "letter-sized". These are larger than 4. This field is for validation what does it mean when you are craving sweets and should be left unchanged.

Standard Postcard Size. The next common size we see come through our shop is what we call a "medium-sized" postcard. Jumbo Postcards. Of course, you can get custom postcard sizes to fit the needs for your marketing campaign. Downloadable Postcard Size Reference. Helpful Hints August 14, 5 min.

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Nov 05, †Ј Postcard size in inches: ? x ? Postcard size in millimeters: mm x mm; Postcard size in pixels: If you are uploading non-vector designs, please make sure they are no less than x pixels at 96dpi or ideally sized at x pixels at dpi. Medium Postcards. Medium Postcards are far from average. A little bit Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Aug 14, †Ј Standard Postcard Size The standard postcard size is 4" x 6", which is a typical rectangle mailer.. The standard postcard size falls within the USPS' regulations for a postcard size. By default, the size classifies your piece as First Class likedatingen.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

When it comes to postcard printing, size does matter. Postcards are a popular direct mail tool. To best make use of USPS rates, they have to meet certain requirements, one of which is size. Here are the most common postcard size questions. Standard flat postcards come in the following sizes: 4. Folded postcards are also available in half fold and trifold variants. All of the above stated postcard sizes are mailable. However, different sizes qualify for different USPS rates.

In addition to size regulations, your design must follow other basic USPS requirements if you want them to be mailable without an envelope. If you wish to order a design that may not necessarily follow other USPS requirements, you could order custom envelopes for your postcards. Our postcard templates will indicate where specific mailing information should be placed.

Templates will also indicate safe zones, trim lines, bleeds, and borders. Feel free to download any of our templates below. Shop Standard Postcards. Please provide a valid email address. Look for your new offers and updates in your email soon! Popular Products. What are the standard postcard sizes available?

Can they still be mailed? Are there templates to help create postcards to USPS requirements? Front Back. Postcards Proudly distribute your message with quality paper and coating.

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