What is the weather like in san francisco california

what is the weather like in san francisco california

Climate & Weather Averages in San Francisco, California, USA

Weather Today in San Francisco, CA. 50 Feels Like. am. pm. High / Low. 55 / 48 Wind. 7 mph. 2 Week Extended Forecast in San Francisco, California, USA. Sunny. Morning clouds. Breaks of sun late. Mostly sunny. Decreasing cloudiness. Broken clouds.

The island of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable trams and the hills are i of this gay friendly city. San Francisco has a moderate maritime climate franciso mild winters and fairly cool how to become part of a flash mob caused by the cold sea water which tempers temperatures during the summer.

The cold sea water is supplied by the California Current. San Francisco is an amazing city. However, it is not really suitable as a beach destination. The maximum temperature of the sea water is only 15 degrees Celsius One striking feature of the climate of San Francisco is the fact that there are small differences in temperatures between summer and winter. Temperatures gradually rise till September which is the warmest month. One of the typical characteristics of the Bay Area is that September is the warmest month instead of July or August which is normal in th city located in the northern hemisphere.

The amount of hours of sunshine is very high by American standards; in many places it is even higher than along the Tye Sea in Europe. Winters are not as sunny as summers. During spring and fall San Francisco is often shrouded in fog which is caused by the differences in temperatures between the cold sea water and the warmer land in the interior. During the summer mornings are often foggy after which the fog dissolves.

Climate information The figures below are based on long term weather and climate records. That is why we offer useful extra climate information for each month of the year: chance of very hot weather chance of very cool weather chance of long-term precipitation chance of hurricanes cyclones chance of sunny days UV-index January February March April May June July August September October November December click here for the explanation of the symbols.

Disclaimer The information at this site was carefully composed from climate data collected by meteorological services, meteorological offices, climate experts and other sources. No rights can be derived from this site. Weather has no memory and gives no guaranties. Nothing is as changeable and unpredictable as the weather. The authors of this site feel in no way responsible for any damages caused by misinterpretation or other circumstances that may influence your holiday or trip to a certain destination.

San Fransisco official site San Francisco tourism wikipedia this page in Dutch. They are an average for San Francisco:.

What is the weather usually like in San Francisco?

Like spring, fall in San Francisco is generally sunny and rain-free. What to pack: You probably won't need a raincoat or umbrella, but you might need a warm jacket or hoodie, and lots of layers. Check the forecast before you pack to be sure your clothing covers the range of expected likedatingen.comted Reading Time: 4 mins. Annual Weather Averages Near San Francisco. Averages are for San Francisco International Airport, which is 11 miles from San Francisco. Based on weather reports collected during San Francisco, CA Weather History star_ratehome. 70 F San Francisco International Airport Station | Report. Report Station. Thank you for reporting this station. We will review the data in question.

Getting today's weather or a forecast for the upcoming week is easy, but if you're planning a visit , you want to know about the climatewhat it's generally like. The averages may be more helpful than short-term weather forecasts. If you're planning a San Francisco vacation, go to the San Francisco vacation planner for more information.

Some locals claim there's a phenomenon called " earthquake weather ," which they say is hot and dry. This myth goes back to ancient Greece. The truth is that earthquakes start miles underground. They aren't affected by temperature and happen in any weather.

Summer in San Francisco is sometimes gloomy, foggy, and chilly. Those warm-looking, sunny beaches you see on film are far south of San Francisco. Spring in San Francisco is sunny and mostly rain-free, making it one of the best seasons to visit before the summer fog sets in. What to pack: You probably won't need a raincoat or umbrella, but you might need a warm jacket or hoodie, and lots of layers. Average Temperatures and Rainfall by Month.

If there were one word to describe San Francisco in summer, it would be foggy. And chillier in the evening than you might imagine. Fog is wet. It generates a cold, damp wind as it comes in. Don't expect to go swimming, either The ocean temperatures are far too cold unless you have an insulated wetsuit. What to pack: Summer fog in San Francisco is colder than you can imagine.

If you're going from May through July, pack all the layers you think you'll need, then pack one more. Or be prepared to make an emergency sweatshirt purchase. Average humidity isn't all that high compared to other places, but the fog can turn your carefully-smoothed hairstyle into something that looks more like a haystack.

If your hair tends to frizz, pack extra products to keep it tamed. Like spring, fall in San Francisco is generally sunny and rain-free.

Check the forecast before you pack to be sure your clothing covers the range of expected temperatures. You can get more detailed information about San Francisco's fall weather in the guide to San Francisco in September , October , and November. It can be chilly in San Francisco in the winter at least by California standards , and it's also the rainy season. What to pack: You might need an umbrella or raincoat.

And pack lots of layers in case things change fast. Winter is a fickle season, and just looking at the averages doesn't tell the whole story because weather patterns vary a lot from year to year.

Your best bet to stay dry and warm is to check the forecast just before you go. You can get more detailed information about San Francisco's winter weather in the guide to San Francisco in December , January , and February. The average rainfall is particularly deceiving anywhere in California. Rain depends on what happens in the Pacific Ocean. When the ocean experiences El Nino conditions, it can rain a lot.

In other years, you'll hardly see a drop all winter. And when it does rain, a whole month's rainfall often comes in just a day or two. June Gloom is real. If you don't know Pacific coastal weather patterns, this may sound wrong but it's true.

Even though it is one of the driest months and doesn't rain, June is also the month that gets the least sun, with lots of fog that keep things chilly. Some years, foggy, overcast conditions last longer than a month. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content. Create a personalised content profile.

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