What is top hat monocle

what is top hat monocle

Top hat & monocle

21 rows · The top hat & monocle is acquired by taking both a top hat and monocle to Patchy on Mos. The top hat & monocle is acquired by taking both a top hat and monocle to Patchy on Mos Le'Harmless. Doing so requires the completion of Cabin Fever and a book o' piracy. Players can also take it back to Patchy to revert it into the original items. It costs coins to attach the items together and coins to take them apart. The book o' piracy is not required if you right click sew with the items in .

Want to give your character a prop that sets him as high as possible in the social strata? Give him a monocle. Largely obsolete today it disappeared sometime during The Great Depression of the s, when being conspicuously wealthy was a quick way to get yourself despised note It's mostly a case of Science Marches On ; ophthalmologists what is top hat monocle prescribing monocles as we developed more sophisticated means to measure refractive error, allowing for better glasses with different lenses for each eyethe monocle is a corrective lens applied to only one eye.

In this sense it is no different from eyeglasses. But while eyeglasses have never been anything more than a medical appliance with the possible exception of the pince-nezthe monocle has been a status symbol virtually since its invention. They are never seen on the faces of the working class. Instead, they are the exclusive province of titled nobilityhigh-ranking military officersupper-level businessmen, academics, and similar members of the social elite.

They are also exclusively worn by men — though lesbians in the how to check if u r pregnant or not 20th century sometimes used them for a subtly masculine edge.

Monocles were available to the lower classes, but proper manufacture and fitting made them very expensive. Cheaper versions were of poor quality and very uncomfortable to wear; people needing a corrective lens in only one eye who could not or would not get a monocle would generally opt for a full pair of glasses with a flat pane of glass as the "lens" for the eye not needing correction.

This is generally how it is done today except when the person just goes for contacts. In media, the monocle's wearer will constantly clean it and fidget with it. It will be whipped out and squinted through when the wearer views something below his social station. The monocle is also a popular graffito to draw on a sleeping person's face. Especially in British works, the monocle is associated with old-time German military officers, and its appearance on the face of a German is visual shorthand, depending on whether the war is the first or the second, of a haughty aristocratic Prussian or a Nasty Nazi.

Either way it denotes a cold-blooded thinly-disguised psychopath with no regard for human lives lost, so long as Germany wins the war. Monocles and nasty Germans are pretty much synonymous in British works. Ironically, however, in America the monocle is associated with the Englishhaving a much more neutral stigma and being a core wardrobe piece of the Quintessential British Gentleman. A trope largely as obsolete as the monocle itself, it still turns up in period pieces and parodies, and is gaining popularity in the Steampunk scene.

The female version is the lorgnette pronounced to rhyme with "born yet," as numerous songwriters have donewhich is a pair of spectacles on a small stick to be held up when you want to look at something.

It is a common property of the Grande Dame. Given its association with wealth and status, it's a very popular prop for what makes an air conditioner freeze up Mock Millionaire and the Wicked Cultured villain.

Today, putting a monocle and top hat on anything is sure to get a laugh just out of the pure absurdity. Sub-trope of Stock Costume Traits. The monocle may be making a small comeback in the 21st century as a way for people to check their phones without having to fumble for reading glasses, as they can hold the how to sew a tiered tutu skirt in on hand and the monocle in the other.

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Leela: I know Fry's rich, but do we really have to wear these top hats? Bender: Maybe you don't understand just how rich he is. In fact, I think I'd better put on a monocle. Someone drops his monocle. Anime and Manga. There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene in one episode that shows him being transported to the homeland in disgrace and under arrest for his apparent disloyalty where he is wearing a standard Britannian prisoner's straightjacket Also, the monocle has a tendency to do the Scary Shiny Glasses thing when Kid's being disturbing.

Alternate in Et Cetera wears a monocle. Although he really isn't anywhere close to being nobility or high-class.

Full Metal Panic! Though not a high-class woman at all, Forte of Galaxy Angel wears a monocle. Vilefort in Gankutsuou wears one, which is often scary and shiny. Momo of Girls und Panzer wears half of a regular pair of glasses as a monocle. Walter Dornez, loyal retainer to the Hellsing family in Hellsing wears a monocle. It goes into Scary Shiny Glasses mode when he's ready to kick undead ass. Count Brocken in Mazinger Z. Adashino from Mushishi wears a monocle, presumably to make him look more intelligent and make him visually distinguishable from the other villagers, since the series' art style mostly averts the Hair Colors commonly seen in anime and gives most people black hair.

Aeolia Schenberg from Mobile Suit Gundam Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki has one over his artificial right eye, presumably to protect it. He's also generally the most level-headed and polite of the group — unless he has to pull his I Am Not Left-Handed trick and remove his Restraining Bolt accessories when it's time to kick some ass. Tokita, the Itoshiki family butler in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei wears one.

Moriarty in Sherlock Houndwho looks like a traditional melodrama villain with cape, top hat and mustache. Space Pirate Mito wears a distinctive-looking monocle over her Mobile-Suit Human when she's in space pirate mode. It serves as a disguise and it contains targeting and head-up displays and a powerful concealed energy weapon.

She ditches the monocle when she's in mom mode and wears glasses in her real, childlike form. In Trinity BloodCardinal Sforza is a woman who wears a monocle. She's also a duchess and half-sister to the Pope. Board Games. Aversion that how to compare two excel spreadsheets using vlookup needs mentioning: Rich Uncle Pennybags, a.

Mr Monopoly does not wear a monocle, even though he looks like he should. Indeed, so many people have admitted thinking he does that it's been cited as an example of the "Mandela effect.

Comic Books. The Penguin from Batman. This has been played with in various subsequent adaptations. In Batman Returns the Penguin's father wore a monocle, but the Penguin himself uses one only when he's writing at his desk. In Batman: The Animated Serieshe does wear the monocle all the time, but is actually dirt-poor, the idea that he is living the high life being just a delusion in his head. Most versions suggest that it's mostly if not entirely an affectation in one Silver Age comics story, he switches the monocle to his other eye just to troll and distract Batman with an irrelevant puzzle.

The Thing, dressed as a chamberlain and sporting a monocle, has become an internet meme. The Thing: Milady, 'tis the clobbering hour.

Comic Strips. In Terry and the PiratesCreepy Crossdresser Sanjak dresses like a man and wears a monocle that she uses to hypnotise people; most notably Terry's girlfriend April.

Her use of a monocle carries some interesting connotations, as in the early 20th century, a woman wearing a monocle would most likely be assumed to be a lesbian. Gravity Falls fan artists generally give humanized versions of Bill Cipher a triangular monocle to fit the rest of what is top hat monocle magician motif. In Pretty Cure Perfume Preppyclassmate Arisa Erisawa how to fill v2 blank cartridges a monocle over one of her eyes — because she's blind in that eye.

He wears it for more practical reasons, as he feels a pair of glasses would be unnecessary if only one of his eyes has poor vision. When asked if he would switch to glasses if his other eye started to fail, Yusuke said he would wear two monocles so as not to waste the one he already owns.

Films — Animation. Shane Acker's 9 has 2, who wears a top hat made from a piece of candelabra and topped off with a spoon, with a monocle made out of the discarded remains of a pair of eyeglasses attached to it.

He even has a cane and a catchphrase of, "This is smashing! Admittedly, he IS a seven-inch-tall doll made from scraps of burlap and the remnants of a human soulbut still. In The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadToad puts on a monocle to get a good look at a motorcar. The Grand Duke from Cinderella. In Gay Pureeduring the Villain Song "The Money Cat", a silhouetted member of the title cat's rat-pack mimes a monocle holder with his tail assuring You how as beauticians will sleek you and fashion cats chic you "aristocrats [will] seek you".

For sure, Mr. Grasshopper in James and the Giant Peach is this. Especially when he puts on a top hat during the song number "That's the Life for Me". In the animated The King and Ithe Kralahome King Mongkut's treacherous majordomo wears a tuxedo and monocle to a state dinner so he'll appear to be a British sympathizer.

In fact, he's just trying to impress the British diplomats in attendance as part of a scheme to get Mongkut overthrown and have himself installed as King of Siam.

Yet another piece of the film's Anachronism Stew. The evil owl from Rock-A-Doodle is first seen with a monocle over his face, but then he takes it off due to Edmund breaking it when he poked him in the eye or at least on a storybook illustration of his face. He then turns Edmund into a cat with his magic as revenge. Grand Duke: These are expensive Films — Live-Action.

Edgar Bergen 's dummy Charlie McCarthy. His racket is to lure high-society types down to the Red Light District of Limehouse, where he arranges for them to be robbed.

The psychiatrist in Bringing Up Baby has one. In Circus of HorrorsMagda's aristocratic boyfriend the Count sports a monocle. In Death Takes a HolidayDeath tries to blend in with the Italian aristocracy, and puts one of these glasses as he masquerades as Prince Sirki.

Top hat & monocle

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A monocle is a type of corrective lens used to correct or enhance the visual perception in only one eye. It consists of a circular lens , generally with a wire ring around the circumference that can be attached to a string or wire. The other end of the string is then connected to the wearer's clothing to avoid losing the monocle.

The antiquarian Philipp von Stosch wore a monocle in Rome in the s, in order to closely examine engravings and antique engraved gems , but the monocle did not become an article of gentlemen's apparel until the 19th century.

It was introduced by the dandy 's quizzing glass of the s, as an article of high fashion. There are three additional styles of monocle. The first style consists of a simple loop of metal with a lens which was slotted into the eye orbit. These were the first monocles worn in England and could be found from the s onwards.

The second style, which was developed in the s, was the most elaborate, consisting of a frame with a raised edge-like extension known as the gallery. Monocles with galleries were often the most expensive. The wealthy would have the frames custom-made to fit their eye sockets. A sub-category of the galleried monocle was the "sprung gallery", where the gallery was replaced by an incomplete circle of flattened, ridged wire supported by three posts.

The ends were pulled together, the monocle was placed in the eye orbit, and the ends released, causing the gallery to spring out and keep the monocle in place.

The third style of monocle was frameless. This consisted of a cut piece of glass, with a serrated edge to provide a grip and sometimes a hole drilled into one side for a cord. Often the frameless monocle had no cord and would be worn freely. This style was popular at the beginning of the 20th century as the lens could be cut to fit any shape eye orbit inexpensively, without the cost of a customized frame.

Wearing a monocle is generally not uncomfortable [ citation needed ]. If customised, monocles could be worn securely with little effort. However, periodic adjustment is common for monocle wearers to keep the monocle from popping, as can be seen in films featuring Erich von Stroheim. Often only the rich could afford to have a monocle custom-fabricated, while the poor had to settle for ill-fitting monocles that were less comfortable and less secure.

The popular perception was and still is that a monocle could easily fall off with the wrong facial expression. This is true to an extent, for example raising the eyebrow too far will allow the monocle to fall. A once-standard comedic device exploits this: an upper-class gentleman affects a shocked expression in response to some event, and his monocle falls into his drink, or smashes to pieces on the floor, etc. Abraham Lincoln was not known to wear a monocle, [2] although it has also been said [ by whom?

The quizzing glass should not be confused with a monocle, since it is held to one's eye with a handle in a fashion similar to a lorgnette. A quizzing glass is not held by the eye socket itself. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the monocle was generally associated with wealthy upper-class men. Monocles were most prevalent in the late 19th century, but are rarely worn today. This is due in large part to advances in optometry which allow for better measurement of refractive error , so that glasses and contact lenses can be prescribed with different strengths in each eye.

The monocle did, however, gain a following in the stylish lesbian circles of the early 20th century, when lesbians would wear a monocle for effect. In another vein, G. Anscombe was one of only a few noted women who occasionally wore a monocle. Abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman wore a monocle mainly for getting a closer look at artworks. The Irish poet William Butler Yeats wore then at times too.

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