What questions should i ask my navy recruiter

what questions should i ask my navy recruiter

What questions should I ask my Navy recruiter?

Aug 15, Your recruiter can supply more information on educational programs, based on your current situation. As a Navy Sailor, how much time will I spend at sea? When you think of the Navy there is a good chance that the ocean and large ships come to mind. The amount of time that you spend at sea depends on many factors. Generally speaking, Navy ships go to sea for 10 to 15 days per month for . Ask questions about what you can expect to receive besides your salary for your service: How does the GI Bill work? How much additional income will I receive for housing?

Yeah, it happened qjestions me. Asking the right questions and getting familiar of the big issues is not only important to get into the military, but also key in smoothing out a lot of things once your military service begins.

Put another way, if you score high, you have a lot of options and can choose whatever job you want. There are many ways to prepare for the ASVAB, and taking a few weeks or even months to get ready for it will definitely pay off. This is one situation where a large portion of your future hinges on what you do with the time before actually joining the military. Check it out before signing anything and be sure you spend some time getting ready for the ASVAB before taking it.

The entrance process is a pretty gradual one. The pre-military screening process is a two phase operation, in which the recruiter pulls together all the necessary information for his end, and the second part is getting you to a Military Entrance and Processing Station, for a physical.

Legally, however, you can still change your mind without anything other than feelings of embarrassment and a black mark on your record should you choose ssk join the how to transfer money in paypal to bank account later on. Your departure date is usually very different.

Once you have worked your way through the first two parts of the process, MEPS should have provided you with a date, or at least a date range as to when you should expect to ship off for basic training.

The more you can provide, of course, the more smoothly the military entrance process will be, so you may quwstions up with a few of the most common legal documents ahead of time. Your recruiter will need as much medical history as you can possibly get your hands on.

The sak information you supply them, the better. Read this for more in depth information about joining the military with a criminal history. Feel free to add to this list. Join our newsletter received by other visitors who are preparing for their military career! BJtM hates spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else. Pick One! Type something here to find it Search:. All rights reserved. Com theme by picomol.

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Mar 14, Going in to your first meeting with a military recruiter without a list of questions is about as smart as it sounds. Weve compiled this complete list of 41 Questions You Should Ask Your Recruiter from a wide variety of sources, including: Military branch official websites; Forums like Reddit, Quora, and Rally point/5(52). Ask your recruiter about openings in these and related fields. Then, use the delayed entry program to get the training you want. Training programs are related to the job specialty that you are. Here are some common questions parents have for recruiters: How long will my childs first term last? Do you have programs of different lengths? How much will my child get paid, and what are the benefits? Can my child marry and have a family while serving? How often will I see my child? Where will he or she primarily be working?

After high school, graduates have a variety of professional and academic options. Some attend college, others go to trade schools and some enter the labor market with a company or the military. Graduates interested in joining the military can benefit from discussing their options with a military recruiter. In this article, we explain what a military recruiter is and what questions an interested candidate should ask their recruiter. A military recruiter is an individual who enrolls people into the armed forces.

Some recruiters work on a military installation while others work in office spaces in the community. Often, recruiters will visit high schools or colleges to present interested students with information about joining the recruiter's branch of the armed forces. For this reason, military recruiters are highly knowledgeable about the military lifestyle.

They are a great resource for answering questions about joining the military and what life in the military is like. Military recruiters have an array of responsibilities, including:. Military contracts and work expectations differ substantially from jobs in the civilian sector.

Military recruiters can help potential candidates decide if the military is the right choice for their goals and ambitions and explain the benefits, lifestyle and expectations of a military career.

High school students, college students or graduates can learn how to either enlist or commission as an officer. Joining the military requires a commitment to public service, usually for several years. It's imperative that interested potential candidates ask thoughtful questions of their military recruiter before deciding to join the armed forces.

Use these questions to help you determine if the military is the right choice for you:. Ask these questions to learn about the military as an organization and about the recruiter's personal experiences:. Most recruits go through some form of basic training, whether they're enlisting in the military or commissioning as an officer. These questions will help you learn what you can expect:.

Understand what education you need before joining and what education you can expect to receive as a member of the military with these questions:. The military lifestyle differs from the civilian lifestyle. These questions will help you understand the key differences:. Military members receive generous benefits. Ask questions about what you can expect to receive besides your salary for your service:. Physical and mental preparation are helpful for joining the armed forces.

These questions will help you learn what you should do to prepare before you officially join:. Some parents accompany their kids to appointments with recruiters. These are some great questions to ask if you will meet a military recruiter with your child:.

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Create your resume. Help Center. What is a military recruiter? Creating community contacts Marketing and advertising their branch of the military Interviewing potential candidates Evaluating and testing potential candidates Processing paperwork for potential candidates.

Why should you see a military recruiter? Questions to ask a military recruiter. General questions Questions about basic training Questions about education Questions about lifestyle Questions about benefits Questions about preparation Questions from parents. General questions. Can you tell me about the differences between all the military branches?

Do you represent all the branches, or just one? What's the difference between the reserves and active duty? What would disqualify me from being able to serve? How many years do I have to sign up for? What are my job options within the military? What do you like best about serving? Can I have tattoos? What's the recruiting process like from start to finish? Why should I join the military?

Questions about basic training. What are the physical fitness requirements for basic training? How long is basic training? Where is basic training?

What happens at basic training? Do I get paid while I'm in training? My friend is also interested in enlisting. Can we go to basic training together?

Once I sign up, how long do I have before going to basic training? Is it all physical training? What are the drill instructors like? How many people make it through basic training? What happens after basic training? Questions about education. Do I need any diplomas or degrees to join the military? What training does the military provide? Can I earn a degree while I'm in the military? What's the Delayed Entry program? How are job assignments made? Does the military offer tuition-support programs?

Questions about lifestyle. Will I have to go to war? How often will I deploy? What are the assignments like? What are the chances I'll receive an overseas or remote assignment?

Will my family be able to come with me on assignments? Will I be able to go home to visit my family? Can I tell my family about my job? Do I get to choose where I'm assigned? Can I change jobs if I want? Questions about benefits. How does the GI Bill work? How much additional income will I receive for housing? Do I have to pay for healthcare? What are the eligibility requirements for enlistment bonuses? What are the benefits for dependent family members?

What's the pay like? Will I receive time off? How often do service members get promoted? Questions about preparation. Where can I learn more? What books should I read? Are there any events I can attend in the area, like an air show or fleet week, to learn more? Do I have to cut my hair? What should my next step be?

Questions from parents.

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