What religion believes god is a woman

what religion believes god is a woman

Gender of God

Jan 26,  · There are thousands of religions and many of those believe in a female deity. You might start with the Lakota White Buffalo Calf Woman. Traditionally, male . Jun 15,  · The idea of a female being part of the Godhead or being the only God (mother Earth) is common in many newage groups. There seems to be a desire to include some feminism also into religion. The catholics solved this by making Mary into the queen of Heaven.

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Home Help Search Login Register. Author Topic: What religion claims God is a woman? Read times. This past Sunday as I was getting ready to go into my apartment; I was approached by lady who claimed that God was a woman an that how to take care of flowers could prove it I was so taken back and offended by what she said, Wwoman responded with I didn't want to hear that garbage how to fit brake discs went inside my apartment.

The whole setting and the feeling that I got was very unnerving. I wish I would have responded differently, but at the time I was just caught off guard and rather than debate with her, I said what I said and went inside.

I have no idea what religion teaches that. Paganism teaches that. Her "proof" likely would have been some fraudulent junk that would have been a waste of time. However, I have also been caught off guard many times, and every Christian will experience this. We ought to keep preparing ourselves to face those times, and we have to learn to be temperate even keeled; not quick to emotional reaction : Know ye not believe they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?

So run, that ye may obtain. Woma every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so religiion What religion believes god is a woman, not as one that beateth the air : -1Co Paul's talking about shadow boxers vs real boxers. Real boxers are far faster and stronger than shadow boxers, which is why people who take on opposition on a regular basis are far more adept at handling even off-guard situations because they practice it.

Even when I talk with a person who tells me they are how to make a good movie on windows movie maker pagan, I listen to them and ask them questions, then I tell them what the Living God says about what gdo do: Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcrafthatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

How to handle things from there just takes practice and experience. For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. Anvilhauler Guest. Typically we do tend to deal with that situation on a regular basis but possibly without realising it.

Just the same as in the forum here people can write whatever they want, but they have to have Biblical basis to back up their beliefs. With that woman it would have put her on the defensive to comment that "I would really like to see how you arrive at the belief that God was a woman from the How to become air traffic controllers which is the Word of God".

I suppose my point was to say that we have the Word how to remove an oil stain from cotton God, which is the religkon evidence for anything on this planet.

It's incredibly powerful. Thus, if we just learn to utilize the Word of God in such situations, we won't need a CLE forum link. Thanks for the responses. I was very much unhappy with with how I handled that situation. This verse came to mind after I sat down and thought about what just gld. I couldn't count the amount of times I've been unhappy with how I handled run-ins too. It's not just you, but it gets better as we become more tempered. All of us gotta' go through it.

I still have run-ins in recent months I wish I could what kind of gun are you. Same for me, all the things I think of in hindsight. I have never read the book myself but apparently a book called "The Shack", which was widely available in "Christian" book stores for quite some time also teaches something along those lines so you may have been surprised to discover that she wasn't a pagan but a someone who confesses they are believer.

I had something like that happen to me with someone I used to go to church with and they based what they told me from that book. Romans For they that are after the flesh religikn mind the things of the flesh; but they that are what is universal music group the Spirit the things of the Spirit. What religion believes god is a woman Be,ieves.

I think the idea that God is a woman is widespread in the new age. The gnostiscs believe God is represented in Sophia as the female part. I have also read about other names f. Chokma But I believe each group has pretty much created their own version. I have also heard of the old Israelites worshipping a feminine God in the temple called A. Masha, your post cut off again and we didn't get the rest of what you were saying. The idea would be that Aserah is Gods wife. The idea of a female being part of the Godhead or being the only God mother Earth is common in many newage groups.

There seems to be a desire to include some feminism also into religion. The catholics solved this by making Mary into the queen of Heaven. About the run inns I never heard that word before I also feel very incapable and my knowledge, tact, memory of verses, understanding and boldness are truly always inadequate.

I had 2 jehovawitnesses at my door the other day and I really did an awful teligion. I only got to John and showed them their corrupt bible by comparing it to my KJV. Then I managed to say that Jesus is God and that hell is a real place. I didn't even have a beleves ready to give to them! But I also realised that I was probably the only one in my neighbourhood that said anything to them.

That is better than nothing. Sometimes we really don't know how God uses the limited knowledge, words and wisdom we have to water a seed that in it's turn might grow. It is always God that gives the increasenot us. Yeah,Kabbalah claim that the Holy Spirit is the female aspect of God-Shekhinah Wherefore I say unto you,All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men:but blasphemy [against] the [Holy Ghost] shall not be forgiven unto men.

Matthew I think their "tree ggod life" represents devine emanations of God's creation itself,they use 10 or 11 principles sephirot sorry if spelt wrong. Correct me if need be,but,would the Kabbalah not have origionated from Solomon when he had the wifes and concubines?

I just remembered that Hinduism has a LOT of female deities and with the increased practice of yoga now there is another can of worms in America and worldwide there believws likely an increased awareness of these figures. Would catholicss not see "Mary" as god in a way? Correct me id i'm wrong tho. Catholics see Mary as a mediator between them and God. So they take away believss exclusive position from Jesus and hand it to a human woman.

They worship her just like they worship Jesus. They have repetative prayers specifically to her: Hail Mary. I have never heard the reason was that Jesus is angry. I believe what are orbs on photos needed to give the pagans a female deity and they made Mary into one. Catholic churches are full of statues and images of her and they bow down to her, pray to her and worship her.

Some of these statues are also performing so called whst like crying blood. It is really demonic, a wicked deception and blasphemy. The strongest verse to rebuke catholics about it would be: Luke 8: 19, Then came to him his mother and his brethren, and could not come at him for the press. But the Catholics would ignore that one, too, as they teach that Mary remained a virgin for the rest of her life and never had whar other children. But then they'll go and believe that Jesus had children with Mary Magdalene.

Go figure They are people who are not desperate for answers and they have no eager desire to find the truth and the last piece of material they would ever want to read is the Bible but they want to call themselves Christians and have others call them Christians too and not be challenged on their false doctrines. And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people as a dew from the Lord, as the showers upon the grass, that tarrieth not for man, nor waiteth for the sons of men.

The Catholic church has been pretty much responsible for giving Christians a bad name for centuries. Like the rest of the world blaming 'Christianity' for the Crusades SMF 2.

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Some polytheistic religions have both gods and goddesses, although the principal god is usually male. The ancient Greek religion had Athene, the goddess of wisdom and cunning, as well as many. The mystery of God the Father and of Christ was hidden by evil and perverse men who had access to the original writings that later became what is now the Bible (Jeremiah ), but the truth is now coming to light since what is written in the Bible is being explained today by God the Mother, Christ likedatingen.com is why the manifestation of Christ was so important because it would bring to light. Aug 03,  · Any outsider walking into a Christian church could be forgiven for thinking that Christianity is a very male affair - you hear a lot about God the Father and God the Son, and of course in some of.

A change in religious practice, as reflected in the change of name from "Jesus Witnesses" to "Witnesses of Ahn Sahng-hong", was, that prayers were no longer conducted in the name of Jesus Christ but in the name of Christ Ahn Sahng-hong. Around , Witnesses of Ahn Sahng-hong Church of God had established a non-profit organization titled the World Mission Society Church of God for the purpose of registering and managing the organization's assets. In , the church grew to four churches.

In , the church grew to 13 locations and increased to 30 in There was sharp increase of the growth in where it recorded established churches and , registered members in South Korea.

The church currently claims "more than branches were established in Korea alone, within a half century after its establishment. In it recorded over churches abroad and in it recorded over one million registered members [18] By the church claims to have expanded to 2, churches in "about countries. A media outlet owned by the Church of God reports to have more than 7, churches in countries. An external account mentions that the number of church members is estimated to have only been around , in , contrary to Kim Joo-cheol's claims.

The church believes in God the Father and God the Mother, [21] claiming to be restoring the truth and practices of the early Church. The World Mission Society Church of God believes that all of its teachings are based on the Bible , as explained in the numerous books written by Ahn Sahng-hong.

The Church believes that Ahn Sahng-hong is the Second Coming of Jesus, who came with a new name, the name of the Holy Spirit and it states that he fulfilled biblical prophecies that only Jesus could have fulfilled.

So also, when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates. Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place.

In addition, the church believed that Elohim Gods created all things in heaven and earth, created men and women in accordance with Gods' image, proving the existence of God in male images and God in female images, and claimed that the bride and Jerusalem represented Mother God Zahng Gil-jah.

It believes in the Saturday Sabbath according to Genesis but celebrates it not from sunset to sunset but from sunrise to sunset. Members are encouraged to keep the three services on the Sabbath day. Between services, members participate in various church-related activities such as Bible studies, watching church produced videos, or preaching in the local community.

According to the church's interpretation of Exodus , items such as crosses and statues are considered a form of idolatry and are not erected on or in their churches. The Church believes that all human beings were originally created as angels in Heaven.

They sinned against God and were sent to the earth as a second chance to return to God. The only way for humans to return to heaven is by keeping the Passover with bread and wine Jesus' flesh and blood and following the teachings of the Bible, as taught by Ahn Sahng-hong.

They include believing in God the Mother, who is the Bride to give them life in the last days. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. The Church believes that prayer must be done in the name of the Holy Spirit Ahn Sahng-hong in the last days and that women must wear veils , according to 1 Corinthians —16 while they pray. Members travel from house to house and in shopping malls, hospitals and college campuses to share their beliefs in the bible. Critics note that the group's recruiting efforts can be very aggressive, and target vulnerable people, especially those going through a major life transition or with a void in their lives.

Some have alleged that the group targets those with greater access to money. College students and returning veterans have been particularly targeted. Some aggressive WMSCOG recruiters have created concern on college campuses, where young women seem to be their primary target, proselytized emphatically with the church's "Mother God" doctrine.

Some of these recruiters have been banned from some college campuses in the U. The church says it observes holy days according to the dates of the sacred calendar in the Old Testament as the early church did in the time of Jesus.

These beliefs have attracted some criticism of the church. The church teaches that this is the same persecution that the early Christians received for believing in Jesus in the flesh at his first coming. The deification of Ahn Sahng-hong and Zahng Gil-jah has been "harshly criticized," [16] and has led to the church being officially condemned by The National Council of Churches in Korea as an interdenominationally combatted, blasphemous , heretical cult.

The World Mission Society Church of God is one of many controversial grassroots religious movements that have rapidly emerged in South Korea the latter half of the 20th century. The group has been publicly criticized, by some former members and cult researchers, as acting like a cult , exercising unusual control over its members, separating them from family and friends, and exploiting them excessively, while violating laws and avoiding transparency and accountability.

When Ahn failed to appear and nothing happened the church updated their apocalyptic forecast and scheduled it to the opening of the Olympics in Seoul later that year where the members gathered and preached the end of the world would come by the end of and that Ahn Sahng Hong would come again. At least two former members in South Korea accused Zahng Gil-jah and Kim Joo-cheol who declared , and as the end of the world in order to defraud members for more wealth.

She reported that the church "micromanaged" her life, and expected that all her time be spent there, controlling her music-listening and forbidding her from using the internet. Colon said church leaders do not tell members, until they seem fully committed, that their "God the Mother" is actually a living South Korean woman in her 70s, known by multiple names and various spiritual titles, who is apparently the widow of the deceased founder, Ahn Sahng-hong.

At least one former member has sued them for urging her to have an abortion, and others have accused the church of discouraging pregnancy in anticipation that the world would end in However, Colon's lawsuit was almost entirely rejected by the district and appellate state courts. Colon's claims, the court ruled, depended upon her claim that the WMSCOG is a "cult", not a "church" — a determination that the courts ruled they were not allowed to make, by law.

The courts, largely citing the "religious freedom" element of the First Amendment to the U. Constitution , particularly the judicial church autonomy doctrine forbidding courts to inquire into "the facts and circumstances which intrude into church doctrine, affairs, and management" , the appellate court ruled that: [63]. The conflict arises from her disagreement about the manner in which the church implemented its doctrinal beliefs, managed its clergy and parishioners, and invested donations.

After that, the Wonju municipal government refused to apply for the use of religious facilities. Church of God residents emergency response committee said: "It is normal for the plaintiff to be rejected.

He says that members often are sent to group housing and shared apartments, becoming isolated and alienated from family and friends, even spouses and adult children. Ross notes the group, which recruits members on university campuses, at malls and other shopping sites, has no meaningful accountability for leadership — a "dictatorship in Korea" — nor for the millions in revenue it receives. In Vietnam , the Committee for Religious Affairs urged alertness about the group and cautioned that it should not be equated with other Protestant groups using similar names.

Claiming the organization as cult-like, the government gratuitously cited the group as engaging in deceptive recruitment, with questionable and manipulative indoctrination, doomsday predictions, and urging the donation of cash and members' abandonment of their own families.

The Church leaders were accused of brainwashing its members and micromanaging their lives by urging students to abandon their studies and their workers to abandon their jobs in order to recruit more followers. WMSCOG has been investigated for — and subsequently cleared of — human trafficking on multiple American university campuses. Police investigations into possible human sex trafficking connections ensued in January at the University of Mississippi , [71] in September at the University of South Carolina , [72] and in March at the University of Utah.

All investigations were closed after failing to find a link between the church and illicit activity. Many students, across multiple campuses, reported unknown persons asking if they knew about "God the Mother. This style of recruitment has come under fire from former church members, who have said that the church tends to target those who appear "psychologically vulnerable" and specifically young white people who appear wealthy.

In August , the Otago University Students' Association in Dunedin disaffiliated the Elohim World Academy following complaints from students about deceptive and coercive recruitment methods. The University of Otago 's Proctor Dave Scott had considered trespassing members of the group but ruled it out since that would have violated the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 's provisions on religious freedom and freedom of expression.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Religious movement. See also: Sabbath in seventh-day churches. However, because the fig tree is the national flower of Israel, and the fig tree is often used to represent the state of Israel in the Old Testament, the WMSCOG interprets this passage as "when you see the restoration of Israel", you should know that Christ will be baptized again. Retrieved Cult Education. Archived from the original on Hyudae Jongyo.

The Christian World Monitor in Korean. More than 7, churches in countries deliver Mother's heartwarming love to seven billion people. Joongang Il Bo. World Mission Society Church of God.

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