What to wear to a festival in the rain

what to wear to a festival in the rain

Surviving a Rainy Festival

Jun 07,  · How To Survive A Rainy Music Festival. Do: Check Your Weather App Religiously. Even if you checked before you went to sleep and it says tomorrow is all clear skies, that can change in an Do: Wear Non-Sandals That You Could Stand To Throw Away. Author: Kelsea Stahler. Oct 14,  · What to Wear To A Music Festival When It Rains BAG. Backpacks are your best choice for a music festival, because you'll want your hands free for eating, drinking, and BOOTS. Resistance is futile. You need rain boots. If your feet aren't happy, you aren't happy, and you definitely want JACKET.

Photo Credit: Rachel Ecclestone Photography — instagram. Mom jeans from any second-hand shopwhen cut and ripped properly, provide what to wear for bollywood theme party easy and cheap fix to those rainy day blues while keeping you warm.

Jumpsuits are a great solution that combine comfortability, uniqueness, and style in one outfit. For longer hair, dutch, waterfall or french braids are all go-to easy hairstyles that only look better with ro. Make yourself festivval out by adding cool features to your jacket or raincoat.

Sew patches to the back of your jacket. Ragged, rough, and ridiculous hand-done stitches are an up and coming trend good timing. No cool patches? Take cool patterns from old clothes, and sew them along existing seams. Wake up qhat no makeup: Rain and makeup are not friends. But going into the second day of festivaling with clumpy, runny eyelashes is something that we can all leave behind at the campsite please. Ditch your mascara for the weekend, and invest in some false eyelashes.

Not only will one cheap pair from any drugstore look great, but go can rave in the rain without looking like tne just cried from all of the excitement. The best part? With the right glue you can save these bad boys for next time. This dumpster diver is all about finding new ways to spice old things! Written By Kayla Rutledge.

The Basics

Jun 22,  · Jumpsuits are a great solution that combine comfortability, uniqueness, and style in one outfit. Be sure to buy natural/ breathable fabrics – this keeps drying time after coming in from the rain to a minimum. Think about pairing a simple jumpsuit with some chunky jewelry and just like that, you’re festival . Erase thoughts of the in-a-bag anoraks or tourists covered in clear plastic ponchos - we've got a round up of the coolest waterproof jackets to keep you dry in the likedatingen.com: Clemmie Brown. Jul 12,  · Surviving a Rainy Festival Plastic Bags For The Win. Rainy weather stuff is a little vague, so let me elaborate. The most useful items to have in Ponchos Are Essential. Of course, ponchos, ponchos, ponchos, and trash bags are not nearly as useful as .

Unfortunately, not all festivals are bathed in sunshine. Whilst people show up ready to be washed in sunlight, many festivals are cursed with terrible weather. But being Scottish, the wet and the mud comes as second nature to us. By following our simple guide, you can prevent the rain from spoiling your so-called summer experience, both out and about in the festival grounds as well as back at your tent after a long day of gigs and giggles. Check the weather before you leave and prepare accordingly.

This may seem obvious, but many people forget and pack for a music festival with the hopes that it will be sunny. Bin bags are probably the most useful and versatile things at a festival. Great for rubbish, keeping your muddy stuff separate and you can also use one to cover your rucksack and stop your bag getting soaked. Baby wipes and toilet roll are must-haves for cleaning yourself up after a muddy day in the field. Take the cardboard tube out of your loo rolls to make them more compact, and store them in a sandwich bag to prevent the paper from getting wet.

When you get to the festival, endeavour to set up camp in a smart location. While it is often difficult to land prime real estate on the camping site, there are certain spots you need to avoid, so it may be worth showing up a little earlier to stake your claim. Water runs downhill and pools at the bottom causing a section of the campsite to get waterlogged. Another handy tip is to keep your sleeping bag and rucksack in the centre of the tent as water will typically pool at the edges.

Keep a bin bag in one corner where you can store any wet items without getting anything else damp. While you may have carefully planned a selection of funky outfits for the festival weekend, the rain will simply laugh in the face of your shorts, T-shirts and trainers. Still bring all of these with you, but make sure you pack a few precautions, too. Wellies have transcended from a festival necessity to a fashionable accessory. Another classic festival accessory is the waterproof festival poncho.

They offer instant relief from the rain and are compact enough to fold into your pocket when not needed. If you can, set aside an area to leave wet clothes or boots before getting into your tent, such as a tent porch or spare groundsheet. Back to top. The Outfit While you may have carefully planned a selection of funky outfits for the festival weekend, the rain will simply laugh in the face of your shorts, T-shirts and trainers.

We wish you the best of luck with the wet weather, and have everything crossed in the hope that sunny spells will be heading your way!

Take a look at our festival essentials checklist and the festival advice section for some more general tips on how to survive and make the most of festivals this summer. Written by: Natalie Green. Related Articles. As the biggest music festival in Scotland — the legendary T in the Park Being outdoors check with friends check and amazing music check are the main ingredients Festival Essentials Checklist There are many reasons why we Brits love a good summer.

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